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Electronic Mask

Breathe in cleaner air and stay healthy with Rensr mask.

Portable air purifiers with compact design, intelligent purification system, filter protection, and lightweight respirator. Provides clean and healthy air with multi-stage filtration, rechargeable battery, and improves health.

- Protects from pollution
- Filters air particles
- Rechargeable battery


- Limited color options
- May feel heavy
- Pricey

Rsenr Electronic Air Purifier Mask

This electronic mask respirator is designed to offer the wearer comfortable protection. Allows you to breathe in cleaner air and stay healthy. The Rensr electronic mask has has a Built-in turbo fan with 3 adjustable speed settings. The mask can filter out dust, and other airborne particles and has a purification rate of > 98%

  • Compact & fashion design: Intelligent electric air respirator follows the principles of ergonomic design, comfortable to wear, no pressure, made of silicone, skin-friendly veneer and lightweight, protect your health 360 degrees.
  • Intelligent purification system: The micro-motor actively sends air and actively inhales the air around the host according to fluid mechanics. The large air volume effectively guarantees smooth breathing and solves the shortcomings of conventional face cover.
  • Filter protection system: The host actively inhales the surrounding air during work. ensuring that the public is seriously polluted Can still travel and exercise normally, such as running, cycling, climbing, etc.
  • lightweight respirator: The mask can be folded down and fits easily in your pocket. Depending on the face design, the bottom of the nose bridge is locked, and the nose bridge is fixed with an aluminum plate to prevent slipping.


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RSENR: Personal Wearable Air Purifiers/ Portable Mini Air Purifier
RSENR: Personal Wearable Air Purifiers/ Portable Mini Air Purifier
Personal Wearable Air PurifiersPortable mini air purifier
Personal Wearable Air PurifiersPortable mini air purifier
Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Maskes,Portable Mini Air Purifier,Cycling,Runnin
Personal Wearable Air Purifiers Maskes,Portable Mini Air...


Breathe easier with the Rsenr Personal Wearable Air Purifier. Our unique design utilizes advanced ionizing technology to effectively eliminate harmful pollutants such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs as small as 0.1 microns, providing you with clean, fresh air wherever you go. Our device is small, lightweight and has a sleek design, making it ideal for daily use, whether at work, on public transportation or while traveling. The device features three modes to suit your needs, including silent mode for discreet use. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery, the Rsenr Personal Wearable Air Purifier is always ready to tackle any air quality situation, ensuring you stay healthy and happy. Say goodbye to stuffy noses, itchy eyes and respiratory irritation – try the Rsenr Personal Wearable Air Purifier today!

  • Compact & fashion design: ergonomic, comfortable, skin-friendly, lightweight
  • Intelligent purification system: actively inhales air, large air volume, smooth breathing
  • Filter protection system: protection from polluted air, suitable for exercise
  • Lightweight respirator: foldable, easily fits in pocket, secure nose bridge
  • Clean & healthy air: eliminates harmful particles, safe breathing environment
  • Multi-stage filtration system: purifies air, sends out purified air
  • Rechargeable battery: convenient charging, easy to use
  • Improves health & wellbeing: perfect for allergies, asthma, respiratory conditions



Electronic Mask
released on July 5, 2020
Is that true you cant wear this in thw airport?


How can I get a extra fan for my mask, i have bought 3 of them from you and one of the fans are not working properly

Contact the Company or let Amazon know it is not working. I would. I hate paying for a product that does not work.

Why wont this ship to California?

Because it doesn't have the prop warning. California is strict with there prop warnings

Filter change and where to buy filter

You can get them on Amazon

Is there delivery in CA

Check with the company or Amazon. Someone earlier said no. Sorry if that is the case.



The Rsenr personal wearable air purifiers are cutting-edge devices designed to provide wearers with clean and healthy air even while they are on the move. The device employs highly advanced air filtration technology to eliminate harmful particles, such as dust, smoke, pollen, and other allergens from the air, creating a safe and healthy breathing environment. Rsenr air purifiers feature a compact and lightweight design that makes them easy to wear around the neck, making them convenient for travelers or those who work in polluted environments. The purifier works by sucking in contaminated air and then processing it through a multi-stage filtration system, where the air is cleaned and sending out purified air in return. The device also boasts a rechargeable battery, making it easy to charge while not in use. The Rsenr personal wearable air purifiers are perfect for anyone looking to breathe clean and healthy air, whether indoors or outdoors. They are also ideal for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions making them an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing.


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16 Reviews for Electronic Mask

  1. Elisa Pinno

    WARNING! The out flow vent is not filtered at all! I had to make one myself so I didn’t put others in danger.

  2. Bonny Browne Feagans

    Excellent for people who must wear a mask for long intervals. The fan is wonderful. It’s simple to charge and change the filter. It’s think and I feel safe wearing it. It’s very comfortable! Worth the price!!

  3. Alex Askerman

    The product came quick (though untracked) and has reasonably nice packaging, was bundled with 5 small filters (~ quarter sized), a carrying drawstring pouch, micro-usb cable and the mask & fan module.It certainly helps with mask humidity, but that’s about all it has going for it, the fan blows more on your cheek than anywhere else.There were no instructions included, they aren’t really necessary (hold to turn on tap to change speed), but it’s not immediately clear how to install the filters, the black mesh on the outside pops off and the filters go there, orientation probably shouldn’t matter.The fan has two speeds, but under both speeds, the fan makes a whine on breaths out, this might be stopped if it had a one way valve. Overall, it’s reasonably quiet, but being heard while talking on the high speed could be a problem.I haven’t done a drain test, but the battery lasts at least an hour on high.The nose pinch is lackluster, it’s on the inner filter layer, not the black fabric layer. It seems likely that this inner filter layer, and it’s metal nose pinch and foam, is likely to degrade in condition with time, and it isn’t clear if it’s replaceable.It’s worth mentioning that the product has a sheet included with it that does clearly label the inner mask filter as non-medical grade, and that forced air masks, like this one, are likely to have their filters saturate quicker than a manual respirator.

  4. Daniel

    This thing is amazing but they should have extra inliners for it. And yeah what these inliners are rated

  5. Clark

    I am very happy I bought this. It is very light and comfortable. I started using this a couple days ago, and it is working great, especially these days, really need a good mask to survive, and this one, will keep you alive

  6. James Pak

    Good product. It the filters seem slightly too small for the holes….

  7. Jose Mercado

    the fan comes out of the facemask because the material of the mask its very soft to carry the weight of the fan also the filter start peel off when you face hairs start to grow if you are a men like me.

  8. Mask Expert

    Like the mask wear it while working during covid. Prevents the mask headache

  9. Treemer

    First of all the filters that come with the mask are not even cut to the right size. Second if you put the filters in after you cut them to the correct size; the filters block the circulation of the air inside the mask. The whole idea of this mask is to get some kind of circulation to your nose or mouth. Do not waste your time buying this product it’s a gimmick and does not work. I am probably going to send this product back to the vendor total garbage.

  10. Kathleen Skinner

    This personal air purifier actually works and last a solid 5 hours. I would use it for everyday activities rather than a heavy workout at the gum. Was impressed enough to buy a second one.

  11. vernon johnson

    I just got this earlier today and I do like it. I would give it five stars if not for the price. The item itself feels like something that you would find in a bargain store for a much cheaper price. For mine the USB-C charging port wasn’t fully aligned with the port opening so it was a little difficult to plug in the charging cable. I don’t expect it to last to much longer. Now for the good. I have a few face coverings that does get a little uncomfortable to breath through specifically in hot weather. This make resolved that inconvenience for me. There is a little piece of paper within the box that does mention that this is a non medical grade mask as one reviewer mentions however I would not go as far as labeling this as a novelty mask since expects says a cloth face covering can protect you from Corvus-19 and numerous companies including Hanes are now making cloth mask that supposed to be safe. Overall this is a good product that I feel comfortable wearing outdoors during this pandemic however the price is the biggest let down.

  12. Taylor

    The mask is received, there is no peculiar smell, and there is no discomfort when wearing it. This portable type can comfortably and conveniently purify the inhaled air when outside, thereby effectively protecting the health of the body. It is also convenient to clean and is easier to use than the previous one.

  13. Robert Von Christiansen

    I thought it was a pack of filters but it’s actually only one face filter and four little filters for $16. This definitely doesn’t seem worth it

  14. Chen

     This mask is well sealed. The inner layer of the double layer can be replaced. It is clean and hygienic. After charging it and turning on the switch, you can start to evolve the air. Now I don’t need a man to smoke in front of me. I like it.

  15. Viren Matchett

    I live in an area that was recently filled with smoke from fires burning 1 million+ acres. Our AQI is over 200 daily at the time of this review. This mask actually does what is advertised. It helped me greatly outdoors and allows me to spend as long as I want in pretty unhealthy smoke pollution. When I wear it I do not get dizzy or get headaches from the smoke. It is very simple to assemble and is worth the investment. The material quality is high as well. I definitely recommend.

  16. Pengfei Huang

    I relly like use this mask on my working day.This will help you control your breathing and if you are experienced working out, you can use the filters that resist your breathing. And also the straps is so nice?never hurt my ears any more?

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