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Broad AirPro Mask

Breath clean and fresh air easily with Broad AirPro Mask.

Broad AirPro Mask: HEPA H13 filter, adjustable air flow, comfortable fit, rechargeable pump. Protects from PM2.5, allergens, and viruses.

- Comfortable fit
- Reusable
- Effective filtration


- Pricey
- Limited color options

Broad AirPro Mask Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The easy flow AirPro Mask from Broad gives you fresh air anywhere. Utilizing an electronic air pump, this unique powered personal ventilation system gives you a continuous fresh air supply to breath clean air easily when wearing a mask.

  • HEPA H13: High-efficiency filter, filters PM2.5 by 99.9%. The filter should be replaced every 500 hours (about 2 months of a M-F 8 hour shift).
  • UNIQUE POWERED VENTILATION SYSTEM, CONTINUOUS AIR SUPPLY: An axial flow fan runs at 1650 RPM, and clean air volume passing through the filter can be adjusted. Innovative honeycomb air intake cover, three-dimensional strengthened air intake, and spiral widening air duct design makes air flow more smooth.
  • THREE SPEED ADJUSTABLE CONTROL: High-level 2.35 CFM for physical labor and sports, mid-level 1.77 CFM and low-level 1.18 CFM for daily use. A continuous stream of fresh air is sent to the mask, alleviating the stuffiness in typical masks.
  • THREE-DIMENSIONAL MASK, FITS COMFORTABLY: Comfortable three-dimensional non-woven mask, the outer contour fits tightly to the face, preventing outside air from entering, and makes each breath clean and fresh. Adjustable nose clips.
  • RECHARGEABLE AIR PUMP: The air pump is rechargeable and can be worn around the neck with a lanyard, or it can be attached to the helmet using Velcro.


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Broad Airpro Rre Punched Mask Replacement (4-pack)
Broad Airpro Rre Punched Mask Replacement (4-pack)
Broad Airpro Mask Pre-Pounced Replacement Masks (10 Pack)
Broad Airpro Mask Pre-Pounced Replacement Masks (10 Pack)
[VALUE KIT] Broad Airpro Electrical Respirator + Two Reusable Mask
[VALUE KIT] Broad Airpro Electrical Respirator + Two Reusable Mask


The Broad AirPro Mask is a revolutionary product that focuses on keeping you healthy and breathing clean air at all times. Featuring a sleek and ergonomic design, this mask is incredibly comfortable to wear and fits snugly on your face while providing maximum protection against harmful particles and pollutants. The mask is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers a constant and steady stream of fresh air to your lungs, filtering out up to 99.97% of harmful particles. With its long-lasting battery, this mask can run for hours on a single charge, ensuring your safety and comfort throughout the day. Whether you're traveling or working in a polluted environment, the Broad AirPro Mask is the perfect solution for anyone looking to breathe clean air and stay healthy. So why wait? Order yours today and experience the benefits of this amazing product!

  • HEPA H13: High-efficiency filter, filters PM2.5 by 99.9%. Filter should be replaced every 500 hours.
  • UNIQUE POWERED VENTILATION SYSTEM: Continuous air supply with adjustable air flow volume.
  • THREE SPEED ADJUSTABLE CONTROL: High, mid, and low level settings for physical activity or daily use.
  • THREE-DIMENSIONAL MASK, FITS COMFORTABLY: Contoured for a secure fit and adjustable nose clips.
  • RECHARGEABLE AIR PUMP: Can be worn on a lanyard or attached to a helmet.
  • N95-grade, HEPA and active carbon filters remove PM2.5 particles, dust, allergens, and viruses from the air.
  • Powerful fan circulates fresh air while venting hot and humid air out.
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous use on a rechargeable battery.
  • Ideal for urban areas or those with respiratory issues, allergies, or compromised immune systems.
  • Washable filter and compact design for easy use and maintenance.


    Item Dimensions LxWxH6 x 4 x 2 inches
    Broad AirPro Mask
    released on April 10, 2020
    In the u.s. hepa h13 filters filter pm 0.3 size particles. does this filter 0.3?

    HEPA filters, as defined by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard adopted by most American industries, remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter. The filter's minimal resistance to airflow, or pressure drop, is usually specified around 300 pascals (0.044 psi) at its nominal volumetric flow rate.

    Hello. is the kn95 certification the result of the mask material like a normal n95 mask or the overall filtration system? the mask, right?

    Thank you for the asking. KN95 Certificate is for the whole set system of air purifying respirator instead of the masks accessories only. We do use the KN95 certificated masks as spare parts, but the HEPA H13 level filter seems more important than the masks since our air purifying respirator keep on sucking the outside air go through the HEPA filter in filter box, stop all kinds of PM 2.5 dust, particles 99.99% and germ, virus 99.39% above entering into air tube. It's continuous running and providing clean fresh air for human breathe. Especially the weather is getting hot recently, our respirator could supply cool air inside of mask which will make people feel much better compared with traditional KN95 or N95 masks, no claustrophobic feeling.

    How much is the carbon filter replacement and where can I buy it?

    The HEPA Filter listing price is $14.95/each, and you can buy it at: If you ask the Active Carbon Filter, it's optional which listing pricing is $5.50/each, it's not listing on Amazon right now but it will update very soon, later I will update the web link here. Thank you for your interesting and question.

    Are these N95 or higher?

    The AirPro Masks has KN95 Certificates and testing report, Because the dirty air will be sucked into the water box which is filter box, go through the HEPA H13 filter that could filter PM2.5 99.9% dusty, particles and germs , the clean fresh air will be supplied through air conduct/tube into masks inside and created a positive pressure for human breathe. As the weather is getting hot right now, the people will feel more cool with wearing it, instead of stifled feeling with normal N95 masks.

    Is this approved to be used in the plane?

    Yes, Lots of our customer purchased our product and used in the long distance flight.



    The Broad AirPro Mask is a state-of-the-art air purification mask designed to effectively filter out harmful particles and pollutants. This lightweight mask features a N95-grade filter, HEPA filter, and active carbon filter that work together to remove PM2.5 particles, dust, allergens, and viruses from the air. Designed for comfortable wear during high-intensity physical activities, the mask uses a powerful fan to circulate fresh air into the mask and vent hot and humid air out. The rechargeable battery provides up to eight hours of continuous use, making it ideal for extended periods of wear. The Broad AirPro Mask is particularly useful for individuals in urban areas or those with respiratory issues, allergies or compromised immune systems. Its cutting-edge filtration technology provides excellent protection against air pollution and airborne pathogens. The Broad AirPro Mask is easy to use and maintain, with a washable filter and a compact design that is easily portable. Its range of features makes it an indispensable tool for those looking to breathe cleaner air without sacrificing comfort or convenience.


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    15 Reviews for Broad AirPro Mask

    1. Sandolr

      After another family member ordered 4 of these masks and loved them, I too ordered 4. They really do work and make you feel safe and are very comfortable to wear. The battery charge which runs the fan to blow the HEPA filtered air up the hose to your mask lasts a long time. The mask stays dry and comfortable and you can breathe so well with no claustrophobic feeling. I can go out in public safely now and not worry. Thank you!

    2. Mike

      This is what I have been looking for. I have bad allergies and this helps filter out the pollen etc. it comfortable to use for extended time. I ordered a second one for my wife so she has a comfortable mask to use when at work. Fast shipping.Update 5/26/2020This mask/HEPA filter is amazing. I have had mine for about 2 weeks and it is life changing if you have allergies. The biggest test for me was going into work after hours. The air quality in our building is so bad it only take a minute for my nose to start running, sneezing, congestion etc.. with this mask I was able to spend about 4 hours at work without any sinus issues. I probably could have worked all day with this mask.

    3. Ronald Howell

      Well made product for the price. Good air flow. Plan is fine for sitting an medium is usually fine for walking. Not sure if there is enough flow on high for jogging. Use it to protect myself from all the maskless idiots during this panedimic. Fits well and maintains positive pressure.

    4. Lauren Hurley

      Work in an auto manufacturing plant that required mask upon reopening. Out of 8,000 people I was the only one that realized it was going to be hot. This mask has been fantastic. I wear it for 8 hours in a hot fast paced working environment. Has lasted all day on level 2. On a 10 hour day I recharge it at lunch. Great product. Everyone wants one now.

    5. AdamWu

      Happy with the purchase. Compared to regular N95 masks it’s much easier to breathe wearing this one because of the mini fan. I think this will make doing house work much easier too like sanding drywalls or going to the attic. It is more expensive than regular masks. But considering the filter can last up to 500 hours. the per hour cost will be cheaper overall. Hope it will come in smaller sizes so that I can buy some for my kids.

    6. Baddy

      I can finally wear a mask with glasses and have them NOT fog up! Been waiting for this a long time, been having problems with mask/glasses for years, this is the best thing after a PAPR (which cost maybe $2000). Uses a disposable N95 mask which has +/-, the filter unit doesn’t seem like it would live through being dropped, the arm band is too small for my arm, and it smells funny, but I love it! As someone who has to wear masks for stuff other than covid19, but hates it, this is the best solution so far. Will buy their next powered 2 filter face mask when it comes out.

    7. Mitch R.

      Perfect for the plane or when you’ve got to wear mask for a long time… I’ve purchased 4 of these total. You have to be careful with it, the fan box won’t stay on your arm if you are jogging but otherwise stays put well. But this is MUCH more comfortable to wear than a regular mask. Much cooler. Much less feeling of claustrophobia. It has different speeds, the highest speed (also the most cooling) eats the battery pretty quick, but you can plug it into the same external battery you can get to charge up a phone. That way you can turn it on full blast for as long as you want. IMO this will keep you safer than most masks I’ve seen people wearing.

    8. simitec

      It’s great supplying air into a mask. The battery lasts 3-5 hours depending on fan speed. I use a power bank for long run time. After using a few days the hose had a rip in it, close to the mask. I used silicone to glue to patch it. From the caller about an inch up the tube, on both ends. The 1 replacement mask is about $10, a 1/2” hole punch can make any N95 mask work with this system, much cheaper in the long run. The arm band is cheap and not made well. The Velcro hooks on the unit could use stronger adhesive. AND I STILL LIKE THIS THING!

    9. Joseph R. Cross

      Although you will get a lot of strange looks while wearing this device, you will BE the most comfortable person in the room. The continuous flow of room temperature air will make wearing a mask for a day as enjoyable as possible.While there are some negatives/improvements I think could be made, this device is still worth purchasing.Pros:1. Breathing cool/fresh air instead of warm/moist air. This pro out-weighs all cons.2. More protection. The surgical masks provide VERY minimal, if any, protection. The mask is a KN95 mask and the air fan/air inlet uses HEPA filters.3. If you are willing to cut your own holes, you can use any mask you wish.Suggestions:1. I would recommend placing the inlet hose further back on the mask, maybe where it would blow on the cheek. In its current position it continually blows on your lips drying them out. Chap-stick or other lip balm helps, but I do not like the feel of these things on my lips. I may experiment with this in the future when I need to get a new mask and make my own hole in a standard mask I purchase.2. Hose too short. Even with the hose extension I feel the hose is too short, especially if you want to wear this somewhere around your waist line.3. The arm band doesn’t work for me. I kept sliding down during the day. If I tightened the strap then it was uncomfortable especially when my bicep flexed out during normal arm movement.4. More mounting solutions. I rigged a clip that I can clip on a polo shirt where the buttons are. This works but due to the short hoses I could not rig something for belt area where I would prefer to wear the fan housing.5. Price. I do believe these are a little over priced. Something around $45 I believe would be more fair.6. Better nose seal. Air escapes from the top of the mask which fogs glasses, googles or dries the eyes out. I fold a Kleenex into a slim rectangle and place it in-between the foam built in seal and my nose. This stops all air from escaping.I can guarantee you will be more comfortable than anyone else around you. Even with my suggestions, I still rate this with 5 stars and we have purchased (3) more since my testing.

    10. Auth

      Brass tacks: SARS-COV-2 is .1 microns across and HEPA 13 is only rated to .3 microns so if that’s the main reason you wanted this mask, you might want to get another filter. ULPA filters, like the ones in medical grade vacuums, those protect down to .1 microns. However, I have to revise my review, because according to NASA, particles under .3 microns are subject to something called Brownian Motion and HEPA filters work on nano-particles at low velocity! So as long as the fan is on low, you will probably actually be entirely safe. Also the RZ mask filters which have been scientifically tested protect you down to .1 microns no matter what. Here’s the problem: Those filters aren’t the right size or shape! So just keep the fan on low and you’ll be fine.But here’s the cool thing about this mask: You can just wear it over another BETTER mask and cool down your face and that will take off a lot of the bigger particles so your real N100 or N99 mask feels a lot cooler. A lot of people also complain because some masks cause oxygen in the mask area to drop from 21% to 17% and even if it doesn’t REALLY affect your body’s oxygen saturation, it just doesn’t feel right. This feels great! There’s always fresh and clean air flowing over your face and even if some viruses slip through the HEPA filter, dust and stuff does not.Now, my long term plan is to get crafty and make a custom ULPA filter for this or wait until Broad Clean Air starts selling better filters. If you have a mask with valves, you can just hook it up to your existing masks. It comes with 2 adapters and an extension adapter for the tube, so its really easy to turn one of your valves in to an air supply port.This actually comes with 2 masks that are basically lined all the way around with tiny exhaust holes. The foam around the nose pad is super comfy. The elastic bands make the mask fit very tight, but if you have a wrap-around mask you can slide the flaps through the loops and make a very comfy double mask. If I was just worried about pollution, this would be great, but the video ad specifically shows news footage of the COVID-19 virus, hinting you should use it for that, but again, the filter is not ultra fine but better than nothing. I’m not sure about high speed, the fan might make it equivalent to just like a normal cloth mask or bandana.It also comes with a velcro armband that is TOO SMALL for the average American male. You must be skinny for it to fit. Instead, I just use the neck harness and the fan has enough velcro on the back to stick to my shirt.It comes with a USB cord charger and has 3 speeds. All the instructions are in English except for the spot on the device which says “hold for 2 seconds” in Chinese. Kudos to the translators for not writing “long press”.It looks like a quality device. Better than a lot of Chinese exports, probably because it looks like this was something made for the Chinese to use themselves, originally. It feels sturdy like something made in the 1950’s that might last forever and the tubes have no signs of leaks or flaws. When you open the device though, you can see the very simple inner workings and begin to wonder if it really should be $65. $65 seems a little high for just a tiny fan with a $5 filter, some tubes, and a couple masks, but it is a unique device and the alternatives are quite expensive so it is not totally unreasonable!As soon as I complained about the price, they took it down and I was wrong about it not blocking COVID, in theory, it should! So now I have to give this 5 stars! If the straps came with an adjustable plastic “ear saver” and if the arm-band was just a bit longer, then it would be 5 stars for comfort. If anyone knows where to get an ULPA cpap filter or inline filter, please let me know. That would be perfect for something like this and would probably fit well over the fan or in the line.The box is pretty too. It would make a great gift for people who don’t wear a mask because they feel like they are suffocating or just sweat a lot while wearing a mask at work.

    11. B. W.

      I selected this device from others due to presentation and design, the battery is replacable, along with the hoses and hepa filter. I bought the 1st one for myself to try out to help me keep my core temperature down while at work which requires me to go up multiple stairways and work on a ladder within ceiling heat zones. Upon receiving the package everything was included as described, one downside is the arm band that they include does not fit me and will definitely not for anyone else that has large arms (with or without muscle tone) it will however adjust to anyone else. The armband has soft velcro on the outside of it to size the armband correctly and to attach the main device to it (main device has hard velcro side). There weren’t any instructions with the package so I had to go through pictures for assembly options, (long, short or both hoses) also there isn’t any info on the package to say how long to charge the device for. I assumed 4 hours, I currently am using the neck lanyard to hold the device on my chest with only using the long hose, I will be trying other ways to attach it later with velcro someplace more secure. The mask is tight on my ears and bend them down but again, I’m a larger guy.I charged it, turned it on and it was like a mini A/C blowing on my face, HUGE difference from breathing in my own heated breath. This was when my previous thought of a fair price point of $45 disappeared and felt $68 was fine. I purchased another for my Dad for Father’s Day to help him with health issues, he is older but wants to also try and stay active. He tried it out and told me “I’m able to cut more Grass” which I replied “that’s not why I bought it for you, take it easy Dad” . So far I’ve been using it everyday for work AND going in public, I realize it looks weird or different, only 2 of my friends said it looks stupid…. well, I certainly don’t FEEL stupid and I also don’t get frustrated or upset like I or others wearing normal masks do. There is another separate add-on that goes with the filter, a carbon / charcoal for smells, I decided to enhance my own COVID protection by buying a house filter that filters past the virus level and cutting it with scissors to fit where the carbon filter would go and throw it out weekly or when dirty.I did notice an odd / sweet smell after using it for a week but realized I need to wash the hose and maintain the device and mask for hygienic reasons. (Soap and water should be fine)I would recommend this product to my friends and family

    12. Captain Highnote

      I am at HIGH risk of dying if I get c19. I’ve been searching for a positive air pressure mask and finally found one. This is light and relatively quiet.It runs for 500 hours before you need to replace the filter.It keeps the temperature inside of your mask way cooler than without one. Huge plus!If you think the instructions will help you i hope you can read chinese.IT IS NOT FROM JAPAN.The hose is super flimsy. I wear it upside down because the hose crimps at the machine outlet.I get “the looks” but I’d rather get the sneers from the ignant than sit in the ICU and hospital for 6 weeks or worse. People aren’t as kind as they used to be.

    13. Brett James Morie

      If you are tired of breathing hot moist air this mask is you. The positive presser design keeps you cool and provides clean air that is easy to take in. You can adapt the blower to fit any mask. Its the only unit out there that keeps you comfortable all day. The seller is amazing. With A+ shipping and communication.

    14. CathKam

      I have asthma, so any mask I’ve tried wasn’t good for me ( difficulty to breath through any kind of material with valve or without valve). I don’t have any problem breathing with this mask. Air flow is clean, fresh & cool! Amazing product! I’ve read review from another asthmatic & decided to try this mask. And I’m so glad I did. It came fully charged. Easy to use, simple instructions. I can use any mask I already have with this unit (I made required hole in one, insert provided attachment & it’s ready to go). But for now I’ll use 2 masks which came with the unit. I found them quite comfortable. By the way I received old version, which came with 2 masks, additional short tube, 2 attachments & arm band. Highly recommend this mask especially for people with asthma.

    15. SB

      Cost too high, not worth

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