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Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask

Electric Wearable Air Purifier Mask - Breathe clean, comfortable air anywhere.

Rsenr HEPA Air Mask: Charge, purify, breathe easy. Portable for any activity.

- Efficient filtration
- Comfortable fit
- Portable design


- Limited battery life
- Higher cost
- May fog glasses Logo
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Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask is an electronic face mask designed to combat the harmful pollutants we encounter in our daily lives.

Whether you’re working in a dusty environment or enjoying outdoor activities, this mask offers a reliable solution to protect your respiratory system.

With a battery life of up to 10 hours and three adjustable speeds, the Electric Wearable Air Purifier Mask is perfect for those working in environments like welding, painting, or machine polishing. It’s also ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite activities without worrying about air pollution.

The mask’s H13 HEPA filter element is incredibly efficient, filtering out particulate matter above 0.3 microns with an exceptional filtration efficiency of over 99.7%. This ensures that you’re breathing clean air and protecting your lungs from harmful pollutants.

Key Product features:

  • Comes with a charging cable to charge the machine
  • Three adjustable speeds with a battery life of up to 10 hours
  • Mini air purifier for more comfortable breathing
  • H13 HEPA filter element with incredible filtration efficiency of over 99.7%
  • Portable power source for work protection or outdoor activities

The Electric Wearable Air Purifier Mask comes with a charging cable and is easy to use. It’s a portable power source that you can take with you wherever you go, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to breathe cleaner air.


At you can purchase a Rsenr R18 Electric Wearable air purifier mask Filtered air, Rechargeable for only $35.00. The cheapest price was found on June 8, 2023 3:20 pm. – View Buying Options


Rsenr R18 Electric Wearable air purifier mask Filtered air, Rechargeable
Rsenr R18 Electric Wearable air purifier mask Filtered air,...
Rsenr Electric Air Purifier Mask, Wearable R12 Pro Sealed
Rsenr Electric Air Purifier Mask, Wearable R12 Pro Sealed


Breathing in clean air is crucial for maintaining good health, especially in today's environment where pollution levels are high. The Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask is designed to provide protection and comfort to individuals who are exposed to polluted air. This innovative mask benefits from advanced HEPA air filtration technology that filters out 99.99% of particles up to 0.3 microns in size. It also has a built-in air circulation system that ensures that the user can breathe comfortably without feeling suffocated. The mask is made from soft, high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin and can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The Rsenr mask can help to minimize the risk of respiratory ailments caused by air pollutants, keeping you safe and healthy on the go.

  • Charging cable provided for optimal charging performance
  • Air purifier provides comfortable breathing
  • Efficient H13 HEPA filter with up to 500 hours replacement time
  • Portable design for work, outdoor sports, travel, and more
  • Quality service with issue resolution guarantee


    Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask
    released on November 12, 2021


    Covid-19: ‘Smart’ face masks with built-in air purifier, battery, USB and others features - Gadgets Now

    February 4, 2022 - Gadgets Now


    The Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask filters out PM2.5 particles and purifies the air for easier breathing. It features a comfortable, washable design and adjustable ear loops for a secure fit. Ideal for outdoor activities or those with respiratory issues.


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    6 Reviews for Rsenr HEPA Air Cleaner Mask

    1. Lar Ray

      I’m at the age where I need to wear distance glasses, reading glasses, and computer display glasses… Hrumph… Wearing a facemask constantly causes my glasses to fog up and it’s really hot after a while. I took a flyer on this powered mask and am happily surprised. I’m not so old that I don’t feel like a goober wearing the entire apparatus, but functionally, I am very pleased. I tend to turn the fan speed to its highest setting when walking around a store, but when at my office desk, I can turn it down to the middle level. The mask is pretty comfy. It definitely takes a little getting used to with the rubber (silicone rubber I think) hose hanging off of the mask, but it’s lightweight and it took only a day or two wearing it full time. My only caveat is this – it is what it is. I wouldn’t drop the little air pump and not expect it to survive. It is loud enough that I can’t use this mask when I’m in a meeting room with a couple of people. It’s fine for using in a cubicle or moving around throughout the office. I keep the unit plugged in when sitting at my desk. The thing filters the air and keeps me cool while wearing the mask. My glasses will fog up if I’m breathing heavily, or take a big sigh, but normal sitting is great.

    2. ??-???✅?

      This updated model at this price point seems to be a good purchase decisionI previously purchased a BROAD system (for significantly more money) and in this review I will compare the RSENR system to the BROAD.THE SHORT REVIEWFor a short-term (hopefully) solution to provide positive airflow into a protective mask, the price-point for this system makes it attractive. I would recommend it if you suffer any kind of breathing resistance while wearing a normal N95-type mask. It comes with an extra filter and several masks, so you can probably wear it for at least a couple weeks continuously before buying more supplies. For occasional use, the two 500-hour filters might last quite a long time and you can punch holes in your existing masks to attach the supply tube. If you do want to use your own masks or modify your reusable masks, look online for “hollow punch” or “arch punch” sets to make a nice hole in your material. You can also get them in your local HF store. Also available are extra hoses and mask attachment fittings so you can have several different sets without pulling them apart each time you swap.I don’t know about longevity or reliability since I’ve only used it a few days, but at this price it is kind of disposable. If your use case is somewhat critical, having a backup would be in order (I ordered two, so with the BROAD unit, my SO and I have an extra). I’ll report back if I do have any issues, otherwise you can assume it’s still working.I wasn’t able to order other units for review as those aren’t currently shipping to California (where my forwarder is), and the RSENR was also not easily shipped there either. The BROAD doesn’t appear to have limitations and so might have better regulatory approval (that’s just conjecture though).LONGER REVIEW (with BROAD comparison)My BROAD unit was purchased 11 months ago so it may have updates since then.At first glance, the RSENR unit looks a little cheaper, but it does have upgrades compared to my BROAD unit which actually make it better. Take a look at comparison photos to get an idea, the plastic is not as nice (the BROAD looks to be polycarbonate where RSENR seems more like commodity plastic). An important upgrade is the filter sealing. The BROAD unit suffered from a lot of leaking air because the gasket that seals the filter was not large enough to touch the filter. Other users reported needing to seal the circuit board, but this is because the gasket isn’t contacting the filter. The RSENR has a solid wall across the circuit board and the gasket channel has been redesigned so that the gasket now seals properly against the filter.The RSENR lanyard mounting hole doesn’t seem as sturdy as the BROAD. But it includes a tether with a cool pushbutton quick release ring. The mount is designed as an afterthought and might be subject to breakage. It does include the hook/loop fastener like the BROAD and an arm strap. The BROAD also includes a Velcro-to-tether piece which makes it easier to detach the tether.A comparison overview:Negatives: cheaper construction, noisier fan, not as nice looking, more difficult to disassemble to replace filters, LEDs are very bright (might be a positive if you use it outdoors). The supply tube on the BROAD does not kink as easily, but it didn’t seem to disrupt airflow. Also BROAD seems a lot easier to pronounce.Neutrals: some accessories only available from BROAD, both can work while charging (I use them plugged into a power bank). My BROAD has a micro-USB connector, but the RSENR has a USB-C. Although each is supplied with a proper cable, whatever you use most will make either a good or bad point. I don’t travel with any micro-USB devices (even my $20 Sony BT headphones use USB-C), but the ubiquitous nature of micro-USB connectors makes this neutral for me.Positives: ships with extra filters and masks, uses the standard BROAD accessories (filters, tubes, mask connectors), is lower price for more (and that’s even after the price for BROAD went down a lot), has good availability.In any pictures I’ve posted with both, the RSENR is on the left and the BROAD on the right.I will update my review if there are problems or changes in opinion.

    3. Shannon Jeko

      Overall you can’t expect much given the price. It does it’s intended job well but a few considerations for improving build quality would warrant a price increase.Pros* Easy to use and assemble* Has a good battery life on the low setting ( which should be plenty of positive air for most people )Cons* Arm band is useless with the placement of the velcro on the strap. You can’t sinch it down to anything* Air tube is flimsy and kinks easily. 1/2 ID anti kink coil or better air delivery hose needed.* Rubber smell is strong when first turning it on, suggest letting it run a cycle to air it out before actual use.* Included masks could have use bands for going around the head instead of just ear loops for a more secure fit.I can’t attest to the validity of the kn95 stamp on the mask without third party testing so I wouldn’t put much faith in it without a certificate showing that. But, being a positive displacement apparatus that might offset it…a little.

    4. KaSsy

      It does work as long as you keep the hose straight but any slack will cause it to kink and stop the flow of air.Other than that it does work nice

    5. Michael E. Tyler

      The problem is, I would like to mount it behind my back so that Ram welding the gases don’t go in there at all. The tube is too short so I had to extend it.

    6. ??-???✅?

      It does work as long as you keep the hose straight but any slack will cause it to kink and stop the flow of air.Other than that it does work nice

    7. Michael E. Tyler

      You have to press for about 5 seconds to turn on. The hose is kind of chintzy. Sometimes it kinks and u don’t get full benefit of the little fan. I’m planning on getting better hose fm home depot. Wearing a plain mask, I start to sweat after about 30 minutes .. I’ve worn this a lot and it really helps with my breathing. Dont start sweating til after 2 hours.

    8. Lar Ray

      This set up is great for attic work when it’s 150° up there. Compacted enough to not be a nuisance while working in attic. Gonna buy more this spring!

    9. kevin thompson

      Makes wearing a mask easier! Usually I get light-headed after a while wearing a mask but this helps so much. It has 3 settings, you know when the filter needs to be changed because it’ll start smelling like something’s burning. Only downside is the plastic part constantly knocks into my mouth with it on. Making it uncomfortable after wearing it for a extended amount of time. Other than that it works pretty well

    10. Dave L.

      Make doesn’t hold up much

    11. John Aanrud

      I bought this item for use in my shop. The things that I make create a lot of airborne dust I used to use a 3M helmet mask along with a powered HEPA filter unit attached with a hose to the helmet. It’s only flaw was the weight of the setup. I have used it for many years but it is really a heavy unit and lately my neck gets stiff and sore after an hour or so. When I found this mask I decided to try it. After purchasing it I am glad that I found it as it is super light and I can now retire my old heavy unit.I am an engineer with second degree in electronics and I have a habit of looking over something thoroughly before I purchase it. This unit is a well thought out design. However it is in need of some well written information on how to put this unit together. The end result is that it gets some bad reviews. Looking at the comments I found some criticism is unwarranted. One was commenting that the mask could not be used for virus protection because the air was coming out around the edges of the mask and the virus could get in. First, the air comes out under pressure. A virus can’t get in as long as the outgoing pressure is constant. Second the air source filter is a HEPA filter and filters at 99.9 percent. Another purchaser was saying that power switch was bad and he couldn’t shut it off. I also came across similar comments by another purchaser because it would not turn on. The switch works just fine if you know how to use it. You push the button and HOLD it down. After a few seconds it will turn on. Turn off also demands you again hold it down for a few seconds. Most people aren’t aware of this because there are no instructions. In summary I personally am quite happy with my new unit

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