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Rylo 360 Camera
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Rylo 360 Camera

Rylo 5.8K 360 Action Camera

Utilizing breakthrough stabilization technology the Rylo 360 Camera allows you to create unbelievable video wherever you are – shoot first, then use the app to control camera movements wherever you want.

  • Points: Direct camera motion with simple taps using Points.
  • Follow: Stay focused on what matters most. With a tap, Rylo follows anything.
  • Stabilization: Shoot impossibly smooth video with Rylo’s breakthrough stabilization technology.
  • Tiny Planet: Pinch out and explore your world with a new perspective.
  • Timelapse: Create captivating time lapses up to 16x speed. No tripod required.
  • In the Box: Rylo 360° Camera, 16 GB microSD card, Rechargeable Li-ion battery, Protective pouch, Quick start guide, Rylo Everyday Case, USB Charge cable, Lightning sync cable, micro-USB sync cable, USB-C sync cable


Rylo 5.8K 360 Degree Video Action Camera (VG)
    GamingElectronicsComputers & TabletsBlu Ray & DVDAudio & VideoMusicalAppleMoreEveryday Steals Rylo Action Camera Product Details CONDITION: Used- Very Good Condition! - Item shows very little signs of use.  Retail packaging is not included. Item has been fully inspected, tested,...
Rylo 5.8k 360 Video Action Camera And All Accessories (used)
You are bidding on a Rylo 5.8k 360 Video Camera (used). It has been meticulously cared for and carefully used. The kit includes the camera, 3 batteries, battery charging dock, waterproof housing, skeleton housing, sport grip, mount clip and all cables. This is an incredible camera. It records 360...
Rylo 5.8K 360 16 GB Action Camera iPhone and Android (AR01-NA01-GL01)
Rylo 5.8K 360 16 GB Action Camera iPhone and Android (AR01-NA01-GL01). Condition is "Used". It's in excellent condition but does NOT come in original packaging. It comes with charging cords as seen in the images above. If you have any questions contact me and I will respond quickly.
Rylo 5.8K 360 Video Camera with Shooting Grip, Adventure Case ($600 Value)
Rylo 5.8K 360 Video Camera with Shooting Grip, Adventure Case ($600 Value). Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Purchased at Christmas and only used one time. Doesn't suit our lifestyle. Comes in original packaging.
Roll over image to zoom inRylo 5.8K 360 Video Camera (iPhone) Breakthrough Sta
Rylo 360 Video Camera (iPhone Version) - Breakthrough stabilization, 5.8K Recording, Includes 16GB SD Card 360 Video: Capture everything around you in 5.8K 360 video. Create a regular HD video by selecting a traditionally-framed view within the 360 footage, or share a fully immersive video in...


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// Specifications

Model NameRylo for iPhone
Video Capture Resolution5.8K
Connectivity TechnologySync cables
Maximum Focal Length1 Millimeters
Rylo 360 Camera
released on August 5, 2018

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6 Reviews for Rylo 360 Camera

  1. linger

    Edited 11/09/2018Ok, so I’ve had this camera for a while now and I updated it to a 5 star review back in December 2017.I’d like to give it a 6th star at this point with Rylo’s continued firmware improvements. This is NOT the same camera as when I first purchased it due to all of the continued improvements.As of today – my Rylo now captures in 5.8K as opposed to 4K. Videos look a lot sharper. It’s a large improvement and most of all, the upgrade was FREE. Wow. Just wow.In addition to that, the old app would work fine with either “follow me” or “look here”, but if you tried to use both in a single video, it could get a little jumpy. They fixed that with an even better easy to use interface – and the old interface was already easy to use. The learning curve with the new features is about 15 seconds.Along the way, they also allowed the user to work with the videos on the Rylo itself. An older version only allowed video editing after downloading it onto a phone and that can fill up the phone’s memory very quickly. They fixed that too.I’m almost left with nothing to complain about and I get more impressed with the camera with each free update.Edited 12/16/2017Originally a 3 star review and then Rylo updated their app. The more I use this thing, the more I like it.This device now deserves 5 stars.Low light performance is now a B. I don’t know what they did, but now video in lower light conditions is now acceptable. Not great, but good enough. Huge improvement compared to before the update.They added a very cool and easy to use “Tiny Planet” mode. GoPro Fusion should be really scared.Good job Rylo – keep it up._______________________________I wanted this to replace my GoPro – but I’m not ready to give up the GoPro just yet.Video Stabilization: A++. OK, they got this part right. A standard GoPro has nothing on this unless you add on an external gimbal. I’ve bolted the Rylo on the strap on my backpack using a Peak Design capture clip and I took it mountain biking. With the GoPro, the video is shaky and hardly usable – I’ve been on the fence with getting a gimball for this, but they are all bulky. Even the new GoPro 6 image stabilization is pretty pathetic compared to this. The Rylo was incredible in this regard. The videos are incredibly smooth and outstanding. If you are buying it for this feature – then get this.Data Transfer: A. My GoPros are wireless but they take a long time to transfer the files. Plus, they get real hot and the battery life is useless so you gotta plug them in for power during data transfer anyways. Rylo took a direct wired approach, which makes the transfer time tolerable, especially when compared to any GoPro.Low Light Quality: F-. Thinking about using this indoors with dim light? Forget about it. It’s horrendous. My kids $20 playskool camera has better low light performance.Still Pic Quality: F. The camera only has 2 modes: Video and Still Pics. The still pics are useless even in bright light. I have yet to take a single good looking still photo. There is no detail in the photos. Focus is always fuzzy. All the colors are muted and blended together. GoPro’s still pics blow this away in all regards.Build Quality: A. This thing is solid. The aluminum shell is a nice aesthetic touch. The button feel is good and easy to activate. The battery doors and covers are really well designed. No stupid rubber boots like some cameras. I salute the Mechanical and Industrial Engineers that worked on this.Software: B. Sometimes it works, sometimes it’s buggy. The follow me and look here work OK, but sometimes it loses the focus point and gets lost. Once it’s lost, the video jumps a bit and it’s hard to get it to transition smoothly. Overall, the iPhone software is easy to use.Ease of Use: A. No messy multi layer menus. Both the camera OLED and iPhone App are very easy to use.Battery Life: TBD. With my GoPro, I take 3 batteries and I usually end up using all of them. With the Rylo, I have yet to fully exhaust as single battery per outing. I have an extra battery, but I have yet to use it yet. it’s better than Gopro, but I’ll have to push the device a bit more.

  2. Janine Buell

    I started using my Rylo in July of 2018, just after the news firmware updates came out solving the brown coloration issue. Thanks, Rylo, for fixing that! I find that the color is fantastic now and video from the Rylo blends well with video taken from my Osmo. It’s nice to know that Rylo solved that issue. However, there are still some things that could be improved upon.-When I first got my Rylo I didn’t realize it was preset in low-quality mode, so my first video looks terrible. They were also shot in low-light due to weather conditions, and the Rylo is awful in low light. Once I figured out how to adjust video quality (in the settings section one you hook it up to your phone), quality improved. But I was about to return it after my first video because it was just terrible. I don’t even know why Rylo bothers having a low-quality setting. It’s painful to watch.-Yeah, low light sucks. We did a time lapse of a parade and it was a rainy day. I think the combination of the sport case and the terrible low-light quality, to begin with, made it a bad video from beginning to end. I do not find this low-light issues to be exclusive to Rylo alone, however. I have yet to find a 360 cam that performs decently in low-light.-No desktop app. Seriously, how have they not improved upon this yet? I edit mostly on a 16 GB iPad because I have a camera full of pictures and videos of my kids so I don’t have room to be importing the Rylo clips and then saving the edited copy onto my phone. Using the iPad I can usually download two video clips and edit those before I run out of room. Clips are in 9-minute segments, so if I’m editing a 30-minute shoot I’m having to edit, export, and then delete at least twice during editing. This is time-consuming and annoying. Editing on my computer would be much more convenient. Having a phone editing option is great for many, but terrible for others. I’m not a hobbyist. I bought the Rylo to use for work and have a fantastic computer built for editing video. I want to use it!-Photo quality is terrible. I did buy the Rylo for video, but thought it would also be usable for photos. It’s not. At all. Even on a sunny day where the sun position is perfect and there’s plenty of light the image is noisy and focus is not sharp.-Sound is equally worthless. We don’t even export the sound, we put music over the videos in post. Not worth the time and effort it would take to clean up the sound in post.-Poor battery life. We get about 35-40 minutes of continuous runtime on the battery. I would hope for at least 60 minutes. Buying a back-up battery is possible, but when you have the Rylo in a sport casing during a bike race or canoe race, stopping midway to change out the battery just isn’t possible. This is also not exclusive to the Rylo as most action/360 cams seem to average 30-40 minutes of battery life. But still, I’d hope for a little more life.-Having to pick between the Android and iPhone version just because of the little tiny sync cable. Is it really that expensive that you can’t just include both in the package? We have both iPhones and Android phones and tablets in our office. We did purchase a second cord, but it should just be included. Don’t be cheap, Rylo.With all that said, I still love the Rylo. We filmed a zip line tour and it turned out great (nice sunny day). We’ve used it for home tour (Real Estate) quite a few times and clients have really responded well to it. Some other “Pros” include:-Easy to use. It took three minutes to train other in how to film with it.-Editing on the phone app is pretty straightforward and quick if you have enough space on your device for multiple edits.-Time Lapse is great. Since no one wants to watch 30 minutes of a bike race, speeding it up to reduce the time down to 2 minutes was amazing. Smooth and clear.-Uses universal mounts. No need to buy special mounts. If you already have a mount for a Go Pro you are good to go!-When the conditions are right, video quality is amazing. Quality also blends in great with Osmo footage, which we often use in combination with Rylo footage. If only picture quality could be improved upon.-Image Stabilization is amazing. From shooting from the back of a truck to zipping along a zipline- the footage is stable and even in timelapse doesn’t show much shaking. I have yet to see the stabilization beat by another 360 cam. Even most action cams don’t come close. It’s nice to not have to carry along an extra rig to help with stabilization.All in all, it’s a good camera and I’m happy I bought it. I’m hoping the issues we have can be improved with updates and the company finally releasing a desktop app. That alone almost makes me wish I’d bought the Insta360, but then we wouldn’t have the action capabilities that I enjoy so much. But, seriously, add a desktop app.

  3. Moyshe oofnik

    this camera was amazing until the recent firmware update. it is not a 500$ paperweight. my camera overheats and then turns off every ten minutes and requires a battery reseat in order to use again. i have reached out to rylo customer service who tried to tell me this is an sd card issue. i bought new sd cards and the issue remains. they then wanted me to send them the SD card. NOT the camera. to fix. i literally bought 3 sd cards from the supported sd card list on rylos web page and they all exhibit the same behaviour. i would get a refund but i’m too late. bought this in june 2018, update has rendered this camera USELESS since the firmware update. DO NOT SUGGEST. if you do buy this, get the amazon protection plan as rylo customer support is lacking severely.

  4. allthtjaz

    Very pleased with the camera. Easy to use and intuitive software editing.

  5. jeff_melsonaeet

    I love this camera. Great image quality and the app is simple to use.

  6. braeswilliams

    Software is not user friendly, I have a Galaxy S9 (Android) and though there is an app for the Rylo on Google playstore, it is very glitchy and sometimes doesn’t work at all. I have not been able to get larger video files to upload to the app either.

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