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BOBLOV 1296P Wearable Body Cam

BOBLOV Body Camera 1296P Body Wearable Camera Support Memory Expand Max 128G 8-10 Hours Recording Police Body Camera Lightweight and Portable Easy to Operate KJ21 (Card not Included). Multi-function Body Worn Camera – The Police body cameras for law enforcement is easy to use and configure, features with Pre-record, Post-record, Stealth Mode, Edit Device ID, File Protection, etc; Ideal for security guard, police officer and bouncer for indoor and heavy-duty outdoor use.

  • Powerful Auto IR Night Vision – This body camera with 140° wide angle captures 1296P HD videos; Meanwhile, it equipped with High-Intensity infrared LEDs, can capture clear footage up to 10m/32ft feet away in pitch-black darkness.
  • Audio Video Recording With External Storage – Body camera with audio recording adopts external micro SD card storage, provides you flexible memory ; Supports external mirco SD cards up to 128G (memory card not Included).memory card not Included).
  • Large Capacity Battery & Longer Video Fragment – The video recorder comes with built-in a 2850 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts for 9~10 Hours of recording time in 1080P, Screen off, IR off. KJ21 allows you recording a video which length is up to 30 mins, easy to view.
  • Lightweight & Compact & 360° Rotation Clips – Personal surveillance camera with Lightweight and compact is equipped with two stable 360° rotation clips, fits to clip on shoulder straps of backpack or on polo shirt or on belt. In addition, portable security body cam can also be set to work as a dash camera for your vehicle.


BOBLOV 1296P Body Mounted Camera Video Recorder Night Vision for Law Enforcement

BOBLOV 1296P Body Mounted Camera 32GB Night Vision Portable for Officer Security

BOBLOV 1296P Wearable Police Body Camera with Audio Recording Supported Max 128G

Features: ★【Full HD 1296P Body Cam with Strong IR Night Vision】★ The body worn camera with Full HD 1296P video and 4000pixels photo has Auto/Manual Night Vision function, it is built-in high-intensity infrared LEDs, can capture clear footage with face detection up to...

BOBLOV HD 1296P A7 64GB Wide Angle Police Security Body Worn Camera IR Recorder

Product Description Law enforcement recorder is a prominent enforcement field audio and video recording product of our company, applying multiple latest video and audio processing technologies. With comprehensive functions and reliable performance, it can be widely...


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8 Reviews for BOBLOV 1296P Body Wearable Camera

  1. Christopher

    I have bought a few Body Cams off of Amazon but this specific Body Cam made by BobLov by far is the best, I was actually shocked by how much of an upgrade this one was compared to the others.Things that made this the best in my opinion:1. Auto IR2. Stealth mode (not an option / feature on others)3. Great audio4. Material, mixture of reinforced plastic and Metal.5. External memory only, not a fan of internal memory only or a mixture of both. The external memory only makes it easier to retrieve video footage because you can just issue out an additional memory card without having to take the body cam out of service.6. File Protection (not an option on others)7. Anti Virus (not an option on others)There are more things that make this body cam the best option on Amazon in my opinion but the seven listed above are the ones that stood out to me.

  2. PRO

    A++ Bodycam and Customer Service! Small size, Great battery life and features… Flexible memory using external micro SD card (memory card not Included). Very happy with the customer service and followup. Would buy from again!UPDATE: 10/08/19 – 1st Use IN direct HEAVY RAIN for an extended period of time. (12+ Hours) – SEE PICS – Performance was fine with the exception of a couple of corrupt files. (not sure if related) but there’s now water/moisture inside the screen area… Hopefully it dries out without issue over time… ***This camera does not claim to be waterproof***but the build is somewhat water resistant. I do not recommend rain/water exposure for extended periods of time. VERY happy with this camera overall.

  3. Dustin

    This camera works well, especially for the price. The battery life far outlasts the last camera I’ve had(Several years old now) and the wide angle of the lens and night vision catches everything very well. I was not aware there was a vibrate feature which is very nice. My chief complaint against the camera is that while the camera is in standby, you have to press the record button to wake up the device then wait a moment and press it again to begin recording. I will note, though, that I contacted the manufacturer and they responded in less than 24 hours letting me know they were already working on a solution and provided me with the contact information for the technical support center to get it taken care of. (This is why the review remains at 5 stars)I have to look at the camera again to get the proper name of the feature but turn on silent mode. There is a button to turn on night/light mode which, without turning on silent mode, will turn on an audible loud siren from the speaker. I can’t think of any use for the feature but it’s there.For the price I cant see any way it would be a bad investment. If you don’t already have a body worn camera and you work in security/law enforcement and your respective employer/agency will allow it (and they don’t already issue one)… buy it. It’s worth every penny. Eliminates liability, covers your butt in court actions, is capable of showing the public or any jury why you acted the way you needed to.

  4. Shellrie

    I am much more confident walking my big dog. If there is a loose animal that starts an altercation I have video proof we are leashed and in compliance. Love love love the indicator lights with accompanying beeps that let me know im turned on and recording. Quick glance down and am reassured all is working. Long battery life. I did have to use the alligator clip as the small one is useless

  5. Wearable John

    I am impressed with the quality of the device and how easy it is to use. I have tried a few body cams, and this is by far the best one for the following reasons: ease of operation, great sound recording, excellent wide lens. The downfalls to this device is that the light stays on while the camera is on, and the beeping sound it makes when starting and stopping a recording is quite loud – making it very obvious when the camera is recording and when it is not. While this is good for the operator, it’s not good if you don’t want people to know when you are and are not recording. You are unable to delete video directly on the camera, but instead have to connect to a computer – this is pretty inconvenient. Also, the TF card was very difficult to install – I couldn’t get it to stay in the camera (it wouldn’t lock in – kept falling out). I finally had to use a tool to shove it in – I sure hope I can get it out again.Overall, I would recommend this product!

  6. wren

    On occasion, I have people work security at the door for private events. I bought this to put on the security guard in order to have documentation of any contentious encounters. What we found was that just having the camera there and being able to point it out to people makes most trouble people just.. leave. The guard tells them they have to go, they give the guard grief, and the guard just taps on the camera, pointing it out. The trouble people just see that and walk away.The video looks great, the battery lasts, and it feels really solid. It’s already been through a couple big drops, and it didn’t show any sign of trouble.

  7. Obsidianne

    This is a great body cam. I had bought 2 previous ones from other companies, but while sufficient for certain purposes, I right away realized they fell short in other crucial areas. Most importantly to me, the pros to this one is the lengthy battery life, night vision/IR, motion stability, loop recording, easy to tell if it’s actually recording, ability to set date/time on the cam itself without having to go thru a USB cord to a computer, and a screen to view the footage without having to put the memory card in a computer or device to view it.However, the downsides which prevent this from being perfect/5* for me are these: mostly the fact that the clip/s, even the large sturdy one, isn’t sufficient in length and heft to enable the cam to remain in the right position/angle, as the weight of the cam pulls the clip down and I’m left with footage facing towards the ground/floor, and not at the higher level I need it to catch (a solution is to clip it horizontally where it stays out much better, only issue is the footage is now in portrait and not landscape). Other lesser cons are the clip/s lack the ability to rotate, the product pic does indicate otherwise but such is not the case, at least with the clips packaged with my cam. Also, the date/time is so tiny as to be unreadable when viewing footage on the cam, so when there’s a part I want to review, I’m unable to just skip to the time it happened and instead have to FF until I see it. Lastly, while it’s good that the clip stays firmly and securely in place, it’s a nightmare to remove!Despite these issues, overall this is a great cam and I don’t feel the need to look further for another one. Do wish tho that there was the option of ordering replacement clips, just in case it should get damaged or accidentally misplaced.

  8. June Kliff

    Got this camera for working on the doors/site work very good very easy to use worth the money and very quick on delivery

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