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6 Reviews for Mobile Phone Chest Holder Mount

  1. Fae

    The strap-on chest concept is fine BUT…. an important functional issue arose using it. Cell phone mic pick up gets covered so audio is muffled or cut off. There must be a way for some water protection without affecting a cell phones sensors. Give it some thot. You’re close but I had to cut our one end even to use.

  2. Johnny

    I use it in theme parks , the only downside is that you either have to have the screen facing out or just non stop recording

  3. C

    Since iLike Design And iKnow Mole Moling To infinite,Your product perfect For A eDC Add in main Cover though technical for filming am Sure adaptation if not too heavy works wonders with my backpack .

  4. BK

    Like a GoPro!Love using my Iphone 11 Pro inside this chest holder. I am smaller frame so need to modify the strap. Movies taken while mountain biking or other activities are clear and amazing. Sometimes better than a GoPro. You just need to adjust your iphone to the widest angle so it is not jittery.

  5. Annalise C.

    The image quality is pretty good although not sure how the plastic might hold up in a humid environment, i think it might fog up. While this harness is fairly comfortable, i dont have a flat chest or stomach so the phone ends up tilted upward instead of forward so i get plenty of footage more of the ceiling than what im facing which is disappointing.

  6. Hannah

    Too big on the tightest setting..

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Mobile Phone Chest Holder Mount

Transforms phone into action camera.

Designus Mobile Phone Action Cam: Turn your phone into an action camera with ease.

- Hands-free convenience
- Adjustable straps
- Easy access to phone


- May not fit all sizes
- May not be secure enough
- Limited mobility



in stock


The Designus Body Phone Mount is a versatile and innovative accessory for mobile phone users who love to record their adventures. This mount allows users to transform their phones into action cameras, capturing every moment of their thrilling activities.

With its adjustable straps and durable materials, the Designus Body Phone Mount securely attaches to the user’s body, ensuring steady footage and freeing up their hands for more action-packed activities. Whether cycling, skiing, or hiking, users can now record their experiences with ease and convenience.



  • Use your mobile phone as an action camera
  • Secure and versatile chest holder mount
  • Fits smartphones from 4 to 7 inches
  • Sturdy and adjustable clamp for comfort and security
  • Tilt and rotate phone for perfect angle
  • Ideal for sports, hiking, fishing, vlogging, etc.
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Comfortable and reliable accessory
  • // Q & A

    Is it waterproof?

    No it isn’t waterproof. What do expect for that kind of price?

    Will it fit a google pixel 4?


    Does this fit galaxy s9 plus?

    Technically yes, but for all practical purposes no. the phone will slide in far enough to clear the front camera lens but the top quarter inch sticks out. if you fought with it you could stretch the case though good luck getting your phone out once its in. luckily the purpose of this case is not water proofing just holding at the optimum location for POV filming.

    Is it possible to wear it backwards comfortably? This is for a VR application.

    You can!

    Will this securely hold the phone if it has a cord in the lightning jack ?

    Yes, absolutely because it also designed as running belt and running armband so it has headphone cable and lightning jack output holes

    // SPECS

    Part Number43221-2517
    Is Adult Product
    Model #: 43221-2517
    Discontinued: No
    Mobile Phone Chest Holder Mount
    released on March 7, 2018

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    The Mobile Phone Chest Holder Mount is a highly functional and versatile accessory designed to hold your smartphone securely and conveniently on your chest, allowing you to use your device hands-free. This mount is designed to fit smartphones of different sizes, from 4 inches to 7 inches, and works well for those who need to capture their activities or work with their phone while keeping their hands free. It features a sturdy and adjustable clamp that attaches to your chest or upper torso, providing a comfortable and secure way to hold your phone while giving you complete freedom of movement. The mount is also adjustable, which means you can tilt and rotate your phone to get the perfect angle for your activities. This accessory is ideal for a range of activities, including sports, hiking, fishing, vlogging, and more. It is made from high-quality materials, including durable ABS plastic and soft and breathable fabric, making it a comfortable and reliable accessory for your mobile phone. Whether you're an adventurer, sports enthusiast or content creator, the Mobile Phone Chest Holder Mount is an excellent accessory for your smartphone.

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