Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners

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Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners
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Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners

Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners to Keep your Hands Warm for Hours

SNOW DEER heated glove liners includes a pair lithium-ion rechargeable 7.4V 2200mAh batteries. The gloves will last up to around 6.5 hours on the lowest setting, 3-3.5 hours on the medium setting and about 2.5 hours on the highest level. If you need to doing sports or work in outside very long time, suggest to buy extra batteries (sold separately). The gloves Heating Elements Covers Whole back of the hand & fingers till finger tips where warmth is most needed. It is a perfect solution for those chilly winter nights and days, Raynaud’s, Arthritis, Bad Circulation, Stiff Joints People. The rechargeable heated glove liners will ensure your hand toasty warm. The gloves feature a 3 heat setting controller that allows easy access to the 3 heat settings. Red LED color is high setting, White LED color medium setting, Blue LED color is low setting.

  • Super Soft Thin Glove Liners – This heated thin liner with limited insulating ability on their own – they are best used with an insulating glove over the heated liner. it is used Lycra , Neoprene material on outside, and inside with little insulated Cotton ,breathable comfort Fleece. The Velcro design at the wrist , adjustable and full protect on your wrist
  • Heating Elements Covers whole back of hand and fingers – this electric glove liners upgraded to use far infrared fiber heating elements covers whole back of hand and fingers. It can be Stimulate your hand blood circulation, and Great for people who with Raynaud’s, Arthritis, Bad Circulation, Stiff Joints.
  • 7.4V 2200MAH Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries & 3 Settings Temperature Controller – The electric gloves Include pair of 7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. Heating Up to 2.5-6 Hours and full charge around 3-4 hours . Also it is with 3 heat setting controller for you adjust the temperature easily .
  • Touch Sensor – This battery gloves with touch sensors on index finger and thumb will work on any smart device . convenience to use


Heated Glove Liners for Women/Children, Rechargeable Battery Motorcycle Ski Snow
Note: Size: XXSmall 6.3-7.1 inch = 6-8 cm. See photos for hand sizing chart. Item not shipped in orginal hard board container, [This saves 1 lb. shipping weight]. SNOW DEER Heated Gloves Liners Electric Gloves for Men Women Rechargeable Battery Waterproof Hand Warmer for Arthritis Raynaud Winter...
Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners for Men WomenRechargeable Battery Motorcycle Ski Snow War...
Heated Glove Liners for Men Women,Rechargeable Battery Motorcycle Ski Snow Warmer Mitten Glove Arthritis(XL/XXL) Item : Heated Gloves Liner for Men Women Features : ● it is thin heated liners ,they are best used with an insulating glove over the heated liner ●Strategically placed heating elements...


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Fabric TypeLycra,Neoprene,Cotton,Fleece,Touch sensor
Fur DescriptionMen Women electric rechargeable lithium polymer battery heated glove liners for skiing motorcycyling hunting etc
SizeMedium / Large
MaterialLycra,Neoprene,Cotton,Fleece,Touch sensor
Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners
released on August 20, 2020

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6 Reviews for Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners

  1. Tasha M.

    I like the heating elements around my fingers. I have Raynaud’s and it’s hard to go outside when cold or even to go grocery shopping in the summer. My fingers get cold really fast. I like how thin they are, they are easy to work with. They fit great. I have tried other heating gloves and they just didn’t keep my fingers warm. I have NOT found anything about these gloves I do not like.

  2. Christopher E. Robison

    On the surface, there are a few positive things to say about these glove liners. They do work, they seem to be reasonably well made from decent materials, and they use a standard 3.5mm DC barrel connector to connect to the batteries, so they’re hackable if you want to make your own 2-cell lithium battery packs or alternative 7.2V body-wired power supplies for them. They add little bulk to my hands so they fit inside normal gloves (i.e. I didn’t have to get larger gloves to go over them).There seems to be a point of misunderstanding among other reviewers here, and it confuses me a bit. These are NOT GLOVES, nor are they advertised as such. They’re GLOVE LINERS. Of course you will need a pair of gloves to go over them, or some other means to insulate your hands (like keeping them in your coat pockets). These don’t do that, and they’re not supposed to. These are an alternative to full heated gloves (which this manufacturer also sells, among others), for the case that you want to use your own gloves, or have the option of doing without in less severely cold situations. I like that I can use regular gloves that are appropriate to the situation (leather gloves to go with my jacket, work gloves for yardwork, etc) instead of being stuck with one style that look like ski or motorcycle gloves.Ok, now that’s out of the way, here are the problems I’ve had. Most importantly, the gloves are no longer working for me, and it appears to be the fault of the batteries supplied with them. The first time I wore the gloves was for an outdoor event in nearly freezing temperatures (1-2 C), and they worked OK at the highest temperature setting (red light on the button). The event lasted about an hour, and I was mostly satisfied with how well they worked. My feet and toes were frozen numb, but my hands were fine.The second time I used them was for an outdoor task at about 7C, cold but not extremely so, and I was astonished to find that the gloves both had shut themselves off by the time I was finished, about 20 minutes later, and could not be restarted (dead battery). They had been charging for over a day, immediately prior to this task. The gloves didn’t seem to get as warm.So I charged them again for about 6 hours, and tried turning them on and hanging them off the edge of a chair to watch them. One turned itself off after 10 minutes, the other after 15 or so. The latter battery seemed to charge back up in about 10 minutes on the charger, and the charger doesn’t respond to the other at all. These are typical signs of batteries that are defective or damaged internally — not only do they not store and deliver enough energy, the charger sees a “fully charged” state way too early. I’ve had these gloves less than a week, and already they’re currently unusable. It may ultimately be the fault of the charger, come to think of it, which may not have charged the batteries properly.Other nitpicks include the kind of gaudy/ridiculous silvery trim (not plain white as I’d thought, though honestly I’d prefer all black like in the pictures on the printed user instructions), the position of the battery on the *underside* of the arm instead of the top, where it can press uncomfortably into the veins below your wrist, and the location of the battery pouch zipper on the inside surface of the cuff instead of the outside, pressing the zipper handle into your arm and requiring you to loosen or remove the glove to swap batteries.I guess I’ll hang on to these and try coming up with a better solution for the batteries, maybe with 18650 lithium cells and some simple clips. Don’t know if I’ll be able to stuff the resulting pack into the pouch or just strap it to my arm or onto my belt. Probably more comfortable without the batteries under my wrist. Maybe if I had any sense I’d return them, but it seems like the gloves themselves are working okay. Can’t recommend them though.

  3. Joan Curtiss

    I have horses and Raynaud’s Syndrome, so winter in upstate NY can be miserable. While I’ve only had these for about a month, we’ve had a lot of snow and cold weather. I am using these when feeding horses, cleaning stalls, and grooming horses. The other morning it was 12 degrees F out. COLD! I wore these under a pair of mittens and my hands were actually warm. I was able to stay outside for an hour with no trouble. Usually my hands are yellow and extremely painful after about 10 minutes in these temps.I don’t know how well they’ll hold up since chores can be tough on gloves, but so far they are incredible. I did get the liners since I hope that the outer gloves will protect these a bit from the daily wear and tear.I don’t usually write reviews unless something is really good, or really bad. These are definitely in the “Very Good” category!

  4. D. Ertel

    I have a medium large male hand…I think I measured 8.5 on this item’s measuring instructions so I ordered the mediums; they fit but they are a bit bulky unfortunately due to the heating elements and the battery cuff. They would not work very well as glove liners inside my existing medium sized ski gloves…of which I have several….they were just too bulky to easily slip inside my existing gloves. So, I ordered the small and they work better for me. The material over the hands and fingers is stretchy enough that they fit onto my hand no problem and because they fit tighter, they work much better as true glove liners….they will slip more easily inside my existing gloves. And, that is critical because these liners won’t substitute well as stand alone gloves…they loose all their heat if they do not have an outer covering (like a glove) once outside. The three heating position switch is effective with a built-in delay to activate any changes to avoid the gloves switching their setting by just a momentary accidental touch. I like that these gloves heat the individual fingers right up to the tips plus the back of the hand…that footprint is superior to the chemical warmers that just work the palms or back of the hand primarily. Now, the biggest design challenge I have is the large cuff….I realize this needs to be there and to stick well outside the liners in order to both hold the battery and to locate the switch…but I find the cuffs material too restricting and a bit gaudy quite frankly…their stiffness restricts my movements a bit and creates issues for getting base layers to fit either properly above or below them…this is where the mediums might provide a little more room than the smalls I ultimately opted for. My wife has the upgraded heated gloves (not glove liners) from this same manufacturer and loves them.

  5. pierre berthiaume

    OK, these gloves perform very well when inside a mitt, I have skied at – 10degree celcius and my hands stayed perfectly warm throughout my 3 hrs of skiing at level medium, I had put them on high for a few minutes before I went out then lowered it to medium, I did try the gloves without mitts, doesn’t work you need to cover them I highly recommend them for use inside a mitt

  6. Dashman

    Don’t heat up enough to be useful

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Snow Deer Heated Glove Liners