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EX Pro Heated Gloves Kit from Gerbing

These heated gloves feature Gerbing’s 12V heating system, the original innovation that started the heated clothing revolution. These are the perfect addition for any rider wanting complete comfort, regardless of the temperature, you’re going to love Gerbing Heated Gloves and other heated clothing.

  • EXPERT QUALITY: Gerbing has made the world’s best heated clothing for over 40 years
  • WARRANTY: Gerbing Lifetime Warranty on Microwire Heating Elements
  • DESIGNED FOR MOTORCYCLISTS: Gerbing is the most trusted name in powersport heated clothing
  • INTERCONNECTED SYSTEM: Gerbing 12V products can be connected together and powered by a single battery harness
  • ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Battery Harness & Temperature Controller sold separately


Gerbing EX Pro Heated Gloves Kit - 12V Motorcycle

Gerbing & Gyde 12V Heated Gloves, Insoles and Socks include: 12V Battery Harness with Fuses (Item #: ACBH) 12V Y Harness (Item #: ACYH) Designed to work seamlessly with our most advanced EX coreheat12 riding systems. The EX Gloves features ergonomic finger design...


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8 Reviews for Gerbing EX Pro Heated Gloves

  1. Mr. G

    These are very nice gloves that look and feel like they are far more expensive than they are. I received the package on time, and it was packaged nicely. Inside, was this very nice cloth carrying bag which contained the boxed gloves. Once unpacked, the gloves fit nicely in the bag to keep them together in your saddlebags or tourpak. I plugged them in, and they worked as described and warmed up quickly.

  2. TacomaDrone

    You can’t even find these gloves anymore. The newer version of these gloves (which aren’t nearly as nice in my opinion) cost $275! So, if you’re reading this, and Amazon still has them in your size for $79 (what I paid) JUMP ON THIS DEAL!Material and workmanship are top notch. Fingers slide in and out fairly well when wet (unlike a lot of winter weight gloves). Comfort is great, sizing is “fits as expected.” I bought the XL and I usually take an XL. No hard knuckle guards (thank Dog!).

  3. Jim Ballard

    While I haven’t used them on the motorcycle as yet…….weather warming up, for the most part, I hooked them up and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of heat generated. They also have heated palms, which means not having to think about heated grips. I had actually wanted the “lightweight” version, but ordered these in error. I have a pair of “lightweight” ones which are too large, hence my ordering these, but after trying them on I’m happy with the way they feel and let me flex my fingers, etc. Needless to say, I’m keeping the EX ones! Now, all I have to do is sell a couple pair of my other heated gloves, as I won’t be using them any longer.Jim

  4. mnk

    Great glove makes cold weather riding a happy experience. These are heated gloves that use 12V power source which in case of my bike is a 12V accessory plug. I bought a dual controller and a remote to go with the gloves so that I could control the amount of heat. In mid 30’s weather during an hour long ride I had the controller set to 60% because otherwise gloves would be too warm. Gloves fit great. No issues with throttle control, lack of feel, or dexterity. Wish I got them sooner.

  5. Bryant Kyger

    The thumb is in a weird spot on the glove. It actually bruises after a lengthy ride

  6. Phone shopper

    Bought by mistake thinking I could charge them. These are not those type of gloves. These gloves need to be wired to a circuit on whatever it is your riding. Sent back. They seemed like good quality, though!

  7. Lee

    I have a pair under the Harley brand that have worked well for the past ten years. I had the idea that I could use a pair of these for hunting since they worked so well for motorcycle riding. Obviously the challenge is battery power and no one wants to carry more weight in their hunting backpack than necessary. The heated gloves sold with tiny batteries would never provide the heat or longevity I needed. I had a small 22ah glass mat battery available and rigged it up for a test during the early season. Four (4) hours in 20 degree weather and my hands were toasty warm but, I needed to check the charge when I returned. Less than 20% used in over four hours. WOW. It works. The glass mat battery had a bit of weight and my next goal was the reduction of that weight with a Lithium Ion battery. The same 22ah Lithium Ion battery was a fraction of the weight; in fact, if I had not felt the bulk in my pack, I never would have known it was there. This may be too much expense for many people but, if you love hunting as I do and you do not like cold hands, it’s a good solution. The really nice thing about Li Ion battery is that they last. Charge one time every five or six months and you should be good to go for many years. I suspect you could probably add heated socks depending on the ah rating and still have enough juice for a full day of hunting.

  8. Charles Black

    These gloves are just the ticket for cold weather motorcycling. They actually keep my fingertips warm! I’m very satisfied with the gloves and the price.

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