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Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves

The award winning LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves from Zackees are great cycling gloves to keep you safe by increasing rider visibility when changing lanes. Simply make a fist with the gloves to join the two metal contacts and you’ll activate the bright LED turn signal that is highly visible during the day and at night.

  • The BEST Bike Light for your cycling commute with 54 lumen LED’s
  • This turn signal features Ambient Light Sensors to increase brightness 4x during the day and extend battery life 4x during the night
  • Genuine reinforced leather palms, made from comfortable Lycra Spandex
  • Sleek, streamlined design – wearable, durable, and machine washable
  • Manufacturer’s Risk-Free One Year Warranty


Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves White, Medium
Zackees LED Turn Signal Gloves White, Medium. Condition is Brand New in Box. Charger, Used Guide and all includedZ Item will be shipped same day payment is received through USPS First Class. Thank you.
Zackees LED turn signal gloves Brand New with box, long finger glove Medium size
Zackees LED turn signal glove I bought New. and I just open for test. this is like New condtion. long finger gloves. Medium size. worldwide shipping cost : 25.00USD Payment : Paypal and others. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Don't forget my othere items. Thanks. air parcel...


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LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves
released on June 15, 2015

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6 Reviews for LED Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

  1. Desert GunR

    I ordered the largest size and followed their fitting instructions. I am hopeful that after another month of wear they will stretch out a little more. So far I have not had to charge the batteries. The lights are visible and do vary in brightness with conditions. I ride on major roads for quite a while until I get to the trails. The extra safety they provide is a great idea. I am sure I have surprised a few drivers with the turn signals on my hands. Since, I doubt most motorist know what hand signals mean these days.Update #1: July 25th – Stars reduced to 2 due to multiple problems. After using them regularly on my rides the batteries have left burn marks on the back of my hand. Batteries corrode and need cleaning constantly. Also, they only work intermittently now. I am now in the process of contacting the company to see if they will resolve these problems.Update #2: July 27th – Stars upgraded to 4 for now. Contacted customer support by email and actually received a reply on Sunday as well as a phone call. After explaining the problems without hesitation they are sending me a pair of Gen2 gloves in hopes of resolving the problems. I will give them a try and see how the improvements they have incorporated into the Gen2’s solve my problems.Update #3: July 30th – Rating remains at 4 stars for now. Received the Gen2 gloves today. Sizing for XL is almost spot on. They are slightly looser than the size L. While the L did stretch out a little they didn’t stretch enough. With a little wear, sweat and rain the XL’s should loosen to the right amount. The Gen2’s have an extra long flap that covers the battery with more fabric. The Gen1’s didn’t have any protection for the battery which led to burns on the back of the hand and excess battery corrosion. Only time will tell if the improvement in the Gen2 flap will solve this problem. After several weeks of use I will provide an update about the reliability of the Gen2 wiring versus the weak Gen1’s that eventually shorted out and finally quit working.

  2. Peppa

    Bright. These definitely made drivers take notice and give way when I needed to turn while riding my bike.I was on the boundary between medium and large; the medium was slightly tight at first but once worn in the fit was good.After about 60 days and 400 miles (no significant rain, no washing of the gloves, and gloves sometimes stored with batteries loaded in my Florida-humid garage), both gloves broke.Update 6/25/15.I got a response to my follow-up email a day or two after the last review, and I promptly received the replacement gloves.Now I have working gloves and for the moment no complaints.Update 8/28/15My replacement gloves failed at 200 miles (about a month after I received them).I contacted the seller and go a response the same day. A day or two later I received a new generation of glove and a new kind of battery charger. They’re incredibly comfortable, and the interior of the glove looks more durable. They are supposed to handle moisture better, and I saw other reviews mention that some wiring inside should now be more durable too. I hope so!Also, customer service told me the new gloves fit slightly tighter, and since I’m borderline between M and L, I got a L, and am glad I did, they’re perfect.I’ll post an update after trying out the new gloves for a month or two.

  3. Ana Aparicio

    Very good quality, very happy with this gloves, practicol, only when its could in England I filling my hand could, but I still very happy, all the car can see me, when I am going right or left, in my bucy, I use every day with my bicy to go to work, very good, hight recomiend and remember if you have a broucher from Amazon, use . 😉

  4. Phongvu

    Now in my original review I said these gloves were the best. And everything was great, until it rained. Unfortunately it rains here in Portland, OR a lot. I first bought the fingerless gloves but at winter drew near I wanted the winter gloves, which I ordered directly from Zackees (Amazon didn’t have my size in stock). They were great in the snow and cold, then came the cold rain and that is where this story goes south. In my winter gloves the signals got hot and then quit, no amount of battery charging would bring them back. So I started wearing the fingerless gloves and today (you guessed it, it was raining) they quit.I have emailed Zackees a couple of times but to no avail. They evidently don’t stand behind their product. The actual glove is well made, but the electronics – not so much.So as long as you don’t ever get these wet, you’ll be in good shape. (But wait, sweat is wet…..hmmmm.)

  5. Anna

    Unfortunately these were a present which had to be returned due to the unreliability of the signal / light. Real shame as it’s a good idea. Hopefully this will improve with the next versions

  6. J.L.A.

    My wife got me these gloves because i just started biking again. The Zackees gloves in concept are great, but they seem to have some serious quality control issues. First, my brand new white and black gloves arrived with some black stains in the white area of one glove, probably due to packaging them too fast. Also, the interior of the gloves feels like a rough pair of socks with every stitching and seam rubbing against your hands. Lastly, the see through plastic for the watch batteries does not align with the battery the glove is trying to display. I will gladly consider them again if they can assure me they have addressed their quality control issues on their 2.0 glove. For $75, these Zackees leather bike gloves should be flawless.

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