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Garmin vívofit Jr 2 Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

Vivofit Jr. 2 isn’t just a fitness tracker for kids. It’s an interactive experience where activity unlocks adventure. The swim-friendly band features a 1+ year battery life (no recharging necessary.) With Vivofit jr. 2 kids can unlock adventure games and icons right on their wrist.

  • Discover adventure with a Disney Themed fitness tracker made for kids with an added interactive app experience
  • Swim friendly and Kid-Tough Stretchy Band comfortably fits a wrist 147mm in circumference, choose an adjustable band for a larger size
  • Features a customizable color screen and more than a year of battery life – no charging required and user replaceable battery
  • Parents can access chore management and reward schedule alert tools on the parent-controlled app
  • Reminder alerts and task timer keep kids on top of chores such as homework, practice time and brushing teeth
  • Motivates kids to achieve minute goals that unlock adventure, games and icons
  • Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity


Garmin vivofit jr 2 - BB-8, Stretchy Band, Renewed, 010-N1909-01

Garmin vivofit jr 2 - BB-8, Stretchy Band, Renewed, 010-N1909-01Product OverviewColor:BB8Size:Stretchy bandStyle:RefurbishedColor:BB8 | Size:Stretchy band | Style:Refurbished The Force is all around when the BB-8 vívofit jr. 2 is on your kid’s wrist. This...

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Star Wars Kids Watch (Light VS Dark Side) 010-01909-45

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 Star Wars Kids Watch (Light VS Dark Side) 010-01909-45. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Star Wars The Resistance Kids Fitness Activity Tracker

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33 Reviews for Vivofit Jr 2

  1. almuhammad-2012

    My son loves it!

  2. lesley2241

    This activity tracker is great. It really makes kids want to move to complete the daily goals and they can earn points for doing their regular chores.

  3. trukis

    Pros:- Child proof in terms of shock. well covered, it will last- Not need to recharge. battery can be replaced every year- Color screen is a plus- Being waterproof is critical to avoid kids taking it out- Interesting approach of rewards for activities for the kids. my kid is not using it a lot anyway- Alarm is a plus, so my kid will wake up alone for schoolCons:- App does not sync automatically. you need to press the button to put the watch in sync mode.- Child proof, water proof… but not sand proof. the sand of the beach/ park goes inside the button and once it s there you are done- Screen is very small. I guess this partially helps to have a battery that last for a year

  4. Just Me

    First the band is huge. My daughter is 5 1/2. I was worried some reviews said it didn’t fit their 2 year old and what not. It doesn’t fall off because her hand is big enough to keep it on but it is huge. It isn’t a snug fit or anything. I will update if we return it. I’m not sure how tracking will work so I’m going to give it a few days. To me it wouldn’t track or will over/under track. If tracking doesn’t work I’m going to try the adjustable one before going to the Fitbit ace which adjusts smaller than the adjustable vívofit. I will try to measure her wrist so it can help someone more.

  5. Jon G

    After purchasing this product for my child and had been using since 2 months ago, I can confirm that Garmin quality is a big hype. My watch battery died after 1 month, because of that, I had troubles syncing with multiple errors on the garmin jr app upon new battery. Not only that, the highlight of the watch i.e. the Minnie theme went missing! Upon multiple contact with Garmin support, they can’t resolve it and they can’t fulfill their warranty obligations as they need to investigate. It had been 2 weeks since and no resolution. I had given up hope. Please avoid Garmin at all costs.

  6. haa_kris

    My third son to get one, love them

  7. Ranga Raju Chintalapati

    The product is great and my kid loves it. The Reward rating for some reason always shows 1 in the device, but in app it shows correctly. Also the screen does not change dark to bright properly when we try to see what is being displayed on the device screen. So trying to find what is displayed in screen takes some time. Mostly the screen remains in dark making it hard to read.

  8. Raffi

    Got this for my 9 year old daughter for Christmas. She hasn’t removed it since she got it. Very accurate and motivates her to get off her butt lol

  9. Christine Smithtown

    My daughter 5 loves it was a great purchase and helps her friends have them too so they can challenge each other. Plus I love seeing how active my child is through her day 😊

  10. Stacy Wilson

    We got one of these for both my girls (7, 10) and the LOVE them. I love that I can set up reminders for them and that I can set my own rewards for hitting goals. Simple to use yet really fun way that truly encourages them to stay active. They got them for Christmas and it’s towards the end of March and their interest hasn’t worn off yet. They still talk about it every day and race to see who can hit their step goals the fastest. My favorite part might be that it monitors their sleep! I love seeing when they REALLY go to bed and I can even help track their moods by how much or how little sleep (and quality of sleep) they are getting

  11. Madeline R.

    Pros:Super cuteDurableNo charging!Parent made chores/tasks with customizable rewards in appsActivity and sleep trackerReminder alarms!!!Cons:It’s pretty dim and the screen is small but she doesn’t seem to mindCan be tough to get out of the band

  12. JB

    My children love this tracker, can’t wait to count their steps and active minutes. The app includes a game that they play as a reward, it’s been 5 months and they haven’t finished yet, so that’s pretty good.

  13. alexntoc

    Excelent way to keep your kid active and motivate to do home tasks

  14. Annie Wall-Swereda

    After 2 months the battery died cannot charge itGreat 5 star when it works for a 6 year oldBut not for price and 2 months working

  15. Aaron & Jessica Murphy

    Haven’t used yet, purchased for a gift but looks lovely and appealing to the age group.

  16. L.M

    I purchased two of these for my kids. They have been wearing them for about a month now. They haven’t taken them off since getting them. They wear them in the bath and shower. It teaches responsibility with chores and you can give coins for allowances. It has games, and tracks they’re steps. It’s just awesome and I would buy them a hundred times over.

  17. Cassidy Elsa

    Kids like to challenge each other each day. They enjoy earning points for customizable chores that can be added with alarms, daily or any other frequency that works. Nice to have a game that they can play after earning their activity goals. We bought this one here and the black spiderman one right from garmin. Both similarly priced but for some reason was going to take a couple of weeks to receive from here but a couple of days from the garmin site. Would buy again.

  18. TallGlassOfKincaid

    Our kid is incentive driven! She’s also a self starter and enjoys doing things without being told by her nagging parents to do them. First night and she completed all her chores and began bedtime routine without us even having to prompt her. Every time it chimes she’s excited to see what her task is. And every time she’s awarded coins I hear “oooooh! Thanks mom!”. Overall, the parent side of things isn’t pretty easily organizable. Which is a lifesaver. Cause I am soooooo not the parent who can remember star charts or keeping loose change around for allowance.

  19. dawnkovacs

    My daughter loves this watch!

  20. lesleagillum

    This came so fast! Way sooner than I expected

  21. hous28

    Our daughter is a paraplegic and needs physical activity to stay healthy-that was our original intent for purchase. She also is now independently telling us when she needs her medicine as the reminder features are customized. Finally we learned that she was not sleeping well at nights, so we were able to change her sleeping arrangements.

  22. B. Harnwell

    The Vivofit Junior 2 is a great watch for my daughter. We got one for my eldest and apart from telling her the amount of movement she was doing it is a great incentive to get her to do her chores and jobs around the house. Each job is worth 20c so 5 = $1… as she completes 5 jobs/tasks we give her a shiny dollar… Bonus it’s great they can now tell the time!

  23. Mary Matts

    This has worked like a charm to prompt my child to get ready in the morning (which we were having challenges with), as well as they have been extremely excited and motivated to move around during the day (which wasn’t a concern at all but it’s nice to see them so excited about checking their activity). This will greatly help build the habit to wake up at a certain time, brush their teeth, make their bed, get dressed, unpack their backpack and so on.I did compare this with the Fitbit ace2, and honestly I preferred the fitbit’s look, touchscreen, and usability. It would be much easier for a child to use as the Garmin did take my child a bit to figure out and I think they still guess on a couple things like setting a timer. The time in the Garmin is kind buried. I have also needed to manually sync the app and then get my child to manually sync their watch a few times for the app to update, but most of the time it works on its own.The other thing I really don’t like on the Garmin is the lighting on the watch. You have to presa the button down and wait for a second for the light to turn on so you can see it without squinting. I would assume this saves battery life because it runs off a battery watch. The fit it ace2 is lit up on a touch or a wrist turn just like the adult version and it looks much nicer than the Garmin.The app for the Garmin far outweighs the Fitbit and this has been so exciting for my child to be able to check off their chores and to-do list, as well as an extrinsic reward for the activity. We have also been using it to ensure they are getting enough sleep.Overall my choice for the Garmin simply for the use of chores and not the easier usability or look has been a good one! My child didn’t know the difference between the two and they have gotten used to using the Garmin, and after a week is still excited every day when it vibreTes for them to do a chore, or for moving around. It has taken away the need for me as the parent to repeat myself over and over (and over and over) to get them to do something so I consider it a great investment!

  24. cc4456

    Easy to use and my son is thrilled and motivated to set and reach his goals !!

  25. Kevin Szeto

    As advertised. Great gift for kids

  26. Ashley

    My daughter loves it! Great to remind her of chores and tasks she needs to do! Works well as an alarm clock.

  27. Bob Simon

    I’m very frustrated. This is a “smart watch” with GPS made for a child…but there’s no way to track it down when it is lost. We dropped $65 on this Bday present & in less than a month it is gone.

  28. Michael Belleville

    Id like to think the efforts of Mary in customer service helped the delivery arrive in christmas eve rather than after.Made a little girl very happy.

  29. Sadbunny

    This watch/app has been revolutionary for our household. Before this watch I would have to constantly monitor and bug my kids to do their daily chores. Last night, my son was upset at his dad for bringing in the trash can from the curb because he wasn’t able to get a coin for that chore.I don’t really understand how just having an app to mark off chores and redeem electronic time is so much better than me telling the kids they can play on their devices after doing their chores. But it works and I’m not complaining!As far as what the watch should be doing, I appreciate being able to check on their sleep and steps completed. As a family we all have watches to count steps and so the kids frequently like to check their count to make sure they are still beating us.

  30. Amber A.

    My 8yr old absolutely loves her watch!! She never takes it off, and uses all the features every day! I LOVE that it doesn’t have to be charged. Such a great feature for kids. Its waterproof, another great feature! We put her chores into it, so she can get up to 2 points per day. We created lots of different reward options for her. She has already picked dinner/restaurant out one night, had a friend sleepover, & gotten ice cream – all on points! She sets her alarm for whatever reason – like if I say she has 10 minutes left of tv – she’ll set her alarm to turn it off. And I love that she’s understanding more about time. Best gift ever! – I bought the purple band bc she’s not really into princesses as much anymore. Its cute & simple.

  31. George Stanwyck

    instructions to small to read, Gift for our granddaughter.

  32. S Hou

    Emmy daughter chose the color and she loves it. One minor feedback is that the loop should not be white as it will get dirty easy. Other than that, it’s easy to use for my 6 yo.

  33. AshKum

    My daughter really likes this cute tracker. It seems to be pretty accurate. I like that it tracks her sleep pattern. I love that my daughter wants to beat the challenge and be active and work towards 6k steps.The only complaint is; the display is so dark we can barely read it

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