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Ghost X Action Camera
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Ghost X Action Camera

Drift Ghost X Action Camera

Ghost X is the result of years of action camera experience, bringing together the sleek Drift form factor and our longest battery life to date, to let you capture the ride in crisp full HD no matter what. Featuring a staggering 5 hours battery life right out of the box, the Ghost X modular system allows the standard battery module to be swapped our for a huge 1500mAh Long Life Battery Module (sold separately), boosting battery life to an incredible 8 hours.

  • 5 HOUR BATTERY LIFE – Longest battery life on the market filming at 1080P Full HD. Up to 8-hours battery life with the Long-life battery module (sold separately).
  • ROTATING LENS – Easily align your shot regardless of the mounting position by turning the lens up to 300 degrees.
  • VIDEO TAGGING – Capture unexpected moments after they happen.
  • CLONE MODE – Users can sync up to 10 Ghost X or Ghost 4K cameras via WiFi. Start recording on one camera and all start recording. Change settings on one, and the rest ill change.
  • DVR MODE – Use the Ghost X as a safety camera by recording continuously when plugged into a power supply. When power is cut, recording will stop and save the last interval. Great for insurance purposes.


Drift Ghost X Action Camera | Full HD 1080P 5 Hour Battery Life Rotating Lens
Drift Ghost X Action Camera | Full HD 1080P 5 Hour Battery Life Rotating Lens Ghost X is the result of years of action camera experience, bringing together the sleek Drift form factor and our longest battery life to date, to let you capture the ride in crisp full HD no matter what. Featuring a...
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Drift Ghost X Camera HD 1080p Action Helmet/Dash Cam **NEW NOT COMPLETE
Camera is still attached to manufacture cardboard and appears to have never been unscrewed or used. Powers on and works as it should. I believe it is MISSING ONE MOUNTING BRACKET (one is included) NO INSTRUCTIONS OR SD CARD. BOX HAS WEAR. A-1-0920
Drift Ghost X 1080p Full Hd 12mp Eis Motorcycle Helmet Action Sports Camera
FREE SHIPPING30 DAYS RETURNEASY PAYMENTDRIFT GHOST X 1080P Full HD 12MP EIS Motorcycle Helmet Action Sports Camera REVIEWSThe product came very well packaged. I'm very happy. thank you for everything. Seller strongly recommended.This is great! I definitely recommend! Product looks amazingDelivery...
Drift Ghost X Motorcycle Action Helmet Camera Camcorder - 1080p
Drift Ghost X CameraGhost X brings together the sleek Drift form factor, no-fuss operation, and our longest battery life to date to let you capture the ride in crisp 1080p Full HD no matter what.Never miss a moment. One touch recording with Instant On mode powers Ghost X on and automatically...


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Drift Ghost X Action Camera | Full HD 1080P – 5 Hour Battery Life – Rotating Lens – Dashcam Mode – Video Tagging – WiFi - External Microphone (Optional)
in stock
4 new from $99.00
as of February 28, 2021 8:15 pm
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Drift Ghost X Action Camera
in stock
Drift Ghost XL Waterproof Action Camera 9 Hours Battery Life 1080P Full HD Rotating Lens Dash Cam Mode - Video Tagging Event Detection WiFi External Microphone (Optional) Motorcycle Cycle Camera DVR
in stock
4 new from $130.00
as of February 28, 2021 8:15 pm
Free shipping
Drift Ghost 4K Action Camera - Motorcycle Camera/Clone Mode/DVR/Video Tagging/WiFi (Drift Ghost 4K Action Camera - Motorcycle Camera)
in stock
7 new from $249.97
2 used from $225.00
as of February 28, 2021 8:15 pm
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  • The lowest price of Drift Ghost 4K Action Camera - Motorcycle Camera/Clone Mode/DVR/Video Tagging/WiFi (Drift Ghost 4K Action Camera - Motorcycle Camera) was obtained on February 28, 2021 8:15 pm.

// Specifications

Model NameGhost X
BrandDrift Innovation
Video Capture Resolution1080p
Optical Sensor SizeOV4689 4MP
Ghost X Action Camera
released on July 17, 2018

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8 Reviews for Ghost X Action Camera

  1. Ivor F

    I was originally going to buy a Stealth but at the last minute saw that they were discontinued; I literally found the Ghost X by accident, not supported by any buyer reviews. Encouraged by a late evening bottle of Henry Weston’s finest I took a gamble – and it paid off.The unit arrives very well packaged and reeks of quality. Seconds to understand and use.The two included mounts allow for a helmet and a bike clip- meaning depending on my planned journey I can decide where I want the camera; its tiny and doesnt stand out.The having fully tested the camera on a Gsxs; the quality of recording is superb with fast switches between shadow and sun not posing a problem. The buttons can eaily be operated with a gloved hand. Viewing the footage is easy via the phone app or easily transferred to your PC. Loads of options to change- including using it as a normal camera.Im tight as a duck’s backside and not prone to spending wedge without others’ reviews; I am very pleased I ‘gambled’ as this is a great bit of kit.

  2. E. Okorie

    Had the original HD ghost. This one is more compact and the battery life is way better. Wifi connection and updates actually work. I love it. Its aerodynamical and sleek. Wifi works like a charm!

  3. Chris S

    Purchased this camera for battery life and the fact it is small and would be unobtrusive. Camera feels great, buttons are simple, mount works well although had to buy a separate mount for a vented helmet. The instructions are next to useless. The big problem with this camera is it doesn’t work. It randomly switches itself off and the most I have managed to record is about 30 minutes, usual is 2 or 3 minutes. Clearly this is no use if you are relying on it for safety reasons. I bought a new SD card, just in case it was that, but no, still switching off. Sometimes is switches off almost immediately other times randomly. Now I did a fair bit of research before buying this and there is a you tube video where a horse rider reviews it and she mentions her camera switching off, but only once. I have returned the camera. I will probably try another just in case I had a faulty unit as I’ve paid out for the mounts now and when the camera works it is very nice, great picture on 1080p 30fps and easy to operate. I will update when I try another one.Update: replacement camera arrived and this one won’t turn off. Couldn’t make it up. Will be returning it and giving up with this. Camera looks good and promises a lot, just does not work. Waste of time and money.Update: before returning the 2nd one I made contact with Drift, who to be fair were very good and came back to me straight away. Had to go through a whole load of fixes to reset everything and start again. Finally got the camera to work although very cautious about changing any settings. Used the camera for a week in Tenerife cycling and it worked every time. I’ve got it set on Car DVR mode with 10 minutes intervals at 1080p 30fps. With a 64gb card it saved about 40 ten minute loops before it started to override older footage. Battery is superb and lasted well over 5 hours so enough for most rides. The bigger battery doesn’t cost much so I might invest in one. I bought the vented helmet strap, but cable tied the mount on as the straps are useless (mount works fine). Have a bit more confidence in this one now, hopefully that will continue.

  4. Beau Steward

    For only $130, I didn’t expect much. Everyone does 1080p30 these days without even flinching. But what makes this excel is the picture appears pretty good, but because it’s a lower power device, it gets great battery life. The sleek design makes the profile on my helmet quite a bit better than those blocky designs. Because of my helmet’s design, putting it on the side was not an option, so being able to rotate the lens so I can mount it on top was a pretty good win. Overall, I like the camera.However, despite the listing indicating a 128gb card, it did not come with any card. Thankfully, I had a spare card on-hand. I’m hoping the omission of the card was a mistake rather than a deceptive product listing.

  5. Roque Junior

    I bought this camera thanks to the Techmoan review on Youtube.==============[Edited 2019-05-01]Do not buy this camera.After a while it just get on your nerves.Get a Gopro or something. I’ve wasted 120 dollars in this piece of junk.==============Here’s what’s to consider beyond that review:1) Wifi password cannot be changed. And it doesn’t show on the booklet manual. This is a problem because anyone with the app and knowledge of the camera system will be able to access the camera via wifi and download your videos.2) Usability is a problem. You turn on the camera, the beeps are too similar. Instead of using a tone cadence (record: 3 notes rising, stop 3 notes decreasing), it’s a single tone. Hard to distinguish what is record and what is stop.3) Resolution is ok, only tried recording. Time Lapse and pictures doesn’t interest me, i cannot review these issues right now.4) Battery Life: So far i haven’t been able to atest that this camera keeps recording for 5+ hours, however it lasts a whole day recording/stopping while wifi is off and considering you shutdown the camera every time you stop. If on all the time, it will last half a day. if you keep wifi on, less than 1 hour.Don’t buy this if you need something more reliable and customizable. I regret buying this device.

  6. AdamJBurke

    Used this camera for a few weeks. Never even got it wet. One day it just froze when switching on. The green light at the front stayed on and the screen at the rear was on in the green mode. Removed the battery and everything remained illuminated. I found that a bit weird. Tried to plug it in and nothing. Tried to press all the buttons, nothing. Tried to press and hold the master rest button, nothing happened. It just broke after being used for around 6 hours in total.

  7. Sean

    I decided to pick one of these up for 3 reasons. 1) 5hr battery life 2) Rotatable lens 3) Water resistant. For the money.Image quality is clear sharp and proper in daylight. In low light it’s not bad but it darkens up in contrast and is also a little muddy. White balancing jumps around a bit. Visually though for 1080p 30fps it’s good. There are some image options like vivid HDR and low light.The audio is horrible even all the way up at 5. You can barely hear it. Luckily there is an external mic input and that’s going to depend on the mic you use. But in certain situations you don’t want to run an external mic and the onboard should have been better.Navigating through the menu is a one way round robin affair. Miss what you want and its workout time for your finger. You can use the app for a better experience but nowadays no one is thrilled to download pervasive apps requiring permissions to things they shouldn’t need.There are better cameras out there for the money but they don’t have a 5hr record time a rotating lens or are splash proof. One crucial thing that’s missing is image stabilization. You’re going to have shaky footage. If they had that and a better mic it would be a great buy. As is it’s ok and for me will serve as a B roll stationary.Button press is good and big enough for gloves. The rubber port covers could be a little thicker and have a pullout function. Would make for easier connecting for USB and the sd card.I like the camera but it’s not awesome. To sweeten the pot it should have the LCD screen and fat battery included.

  8. Anson Ling

    Now having owned this camera for two months and using it many times, I would pass on this camera. There is a known problem with this camera that causes it to freeze randomly. Customer support is a joke. I have tried it with many different memory cards and different settings trying to find what causes it to crash but could never figure it out. Reliability is extremely important for those of us that use this as a helmet cam while riding our motorcycles. Having it freeze up without your knowledge does not instill confidence that it will capture a video at the most important time. It is so bad now that it will freeze up every time I go out to ride. Sometimes it will freeze in the first 5 minutes of use and sometimes it will freeze an hour in.The only reason that I purchased this camera is because my Contour Roam finally gave up the ghost. I will only use this type of form factor on my helmets because I feel that the GoPro type just aren’t very helmet friendly. I read about the freezing issue prior to purchasing this but decided against my better judgement because there is a lack of cameras with this form factor. It was either this or the Sony X3000 which is 4 times the price. After having used this camera, I should have just gone for the Sony.There are much better cameras at half the price. Knowing what I know now, you can’t even pay me to use this thing as it is a liability waiting to happen. Save yourself the headache and just get something that actually works and that you can depend on. Unfortunately, Contour is no longer in business or else I would have stuck with what worked.If you’re thinking that the 4K version is any better; it’s not. It is also plagued with random freezing just like this model. Buyer BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Ghost X – Drift Innovation

Camera Dimensions. 43 x 82 x 31.40 mm. Camera Weight. 120g. Internal Memory. 2Gb Flash, 1Gb DDRL. External Memory. 128GB ExFAT Micro SD Storage. WiFi Module. 2.4 G. Remote Control. Via Drift Life App. BT Remote Not Compatible. Battery Design. Internal 1500mAh, External 500/1500mAh (total 2000mAh - 3000mAh) Internal Microphone. Front microphone. External Microphone. via USB adaptor

Drift Ghost X: Action Camera Review

The design of the Ghost X action camera certainly has taken a different approach from its competitors. It isn’t like any popular action camera that you normally would see. But because of its design and uniqueness, it makes it stand out. The camera dimensions are 43 x 82 x 31.40 mm and its weight is 120g. The Ghost Drift X has an LCD simple screen.

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Ghost X Action Camera