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Timex Global Trainer GPS watch


Timex Global Trainer GPS watch 2

Many watches use the mighty power of GPS to do all kinds of cool stuff. Only one of these watches, however, are associated with the venerable brand Timex. The Timex Global Trainer GPS watch comes with all kinds of bells and whistles: SIRFstar III GPS, water resistance to 50m, ANT+ compatibility, and training software for both PC and Mac. It also includes a heart rate monitor, for an additional $50.

The Global Trainer is available now at REI outlets and at REI.com. It costs $275 for the watch by itself and $325 for the the watch plus the heart rate monitor. A great and surprisingly watch-like way to stay in shape. Thanks Timex! This item will be available at other retailers come September.

Features: GPS

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Timex is a clock and watch company that was started in 1854 as Waterbury Clock Company. Timex is known for creating a number of classy yet affordable clocks, and they are known in wearable technology for their watches, especially their GPS watches. – View Profile

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