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  1. Me

    keeps you hot

  2. JackoG

    I purchased this for my wife and she really loves it. the warm area is the lower back and up the spine to the shoulders and neck. The hot setting is usually too warm for her, but we will be trying it out skiing next week to see how it does. The batteries are small but still a little bulky. All in all a good looking and well made product!

  3. Paul Claps

    The heating core doesn’t stay in place at the shoulders It falls down to your low back

  4. Thomas T.

    Unlike many heated vests, this one does not try to be it and fully recognizes to be a supplement. With that in mind, it feels more lie an undergarment than a vest, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it provides added heat to your favorite (unheated) jacket. And from that perspective, it’s fairly unique.Still, the thin material really feels like it wouldn’t be much help against the cold, and without the heater insert it sure doesn’t. At least it’s still breathable. Mentioned heater insert is easily removed and putting it back in requires some negotiation as the soft liner doesn’t really enforce a fit. Also, the removable heater limits the application to the back where it covers the neck, kidneys and lower back. If you need warmth at your belly, this won’t do it. Then again, the back is more vulnerable anyway.Once charged and powered up, the heat is moderate and for me even a bit too high, especially at the highest level. But I am hotblooded anyway and my “better half” would argue that it’s not warm enough. So, just manage your expectations. After all, this is in addition to an actual jacket, and of course it depends on how well that piece of clothing insulates you from the cold. The better that works, the warmer the vest gets, but also the less a vest is needed. However, when you’re sitting for a long time, this additional heat really comes in handy.The charger is–as typical for 30seven–made for European outlets and an American adapter is included. That also means that it’s universal and can use both 110V and 220V. And since the adapter is included, simply remove it for a trip to the Alps. ;-)Overall, this vest is a nice idea to supplement your normal cloths and fits nicely in that concept. However, folks with an expanding waist may want to order one size up as this is design to be snug, and apparently for sporty types. In a way, however, it’s supposed to be snug to press the heaters against your back and improve the heat transfer.

  5. shauna

    Very nice but it did take awhile to warm up.

  6. shnicka

    One of the batteries was faulty but now I can’t return. Asked about a replacement and got an answer to just try charging it again….FOR THE PRICE NOT WORTH NOT BEING ABLE TO USE AND NO BATTERY REPLACEMENTS SINCE THEIR BATTERY CORD IS NOT UNIVERSAL TO OTHER BATTERY PACKS.

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30seven Heated Vest

Stay warm and comfortable anywhere with 30seven Heated Vest.

Heated vest controls body temp. Eco-friendly, sleek design for outdoor wear. Waterproof.

- Warmth on demand
- Lightweight design
- Long battery life


- Expensive
- Limited color options
- May not fit all body types


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The 30seven Heated Vest is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable during any outdoor activity. This sleeveless base layer is designed to keep your upper body warm in any temperature changes that may occur throughout the day. Whether you’re skiing, cycling, hiking, or just going about your daily routine, the 30seven Heated Vest will keep you warm and cozy.

Made from breathable fabric and constructed with moisture-wicking mesh, this vest draws moisture and sweat away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long. The vest is suitable for everyday wear, work clothing, ski wear, and more. It can be worn below any clothing, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

30seven is a high-quality clothing brand that uses Belgian/German technology and assembles its products in Europe. The heating element can be easily removed to switch between 30seven garments or when you want to use the vest without heating. With four heating levels, the vest provides instant heat on the neck, shoulders, kidneys, and lower back. The set includes one battery-powered moisture-wicking vest base layer, one removable heating element, two rechargeable lithium batteries, and one US dual charger.



  • Game-changing heated vest
  • Control body temperature
  • Provides warmth in freezing weather conditions
  • Eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries
  • Heating zones on upper back and chest
  • Adjustable temperature regulation
  • High-quality, lightweight materials
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Can be used for outdoor activities and everyday wear
  • Waterproof for conquering the elements
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    30seven Heated Vest
    released on March 12, 2020

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    30seven Heated Vest — Regular Fit Sleeveless Base Layer with Zipper for Men or Women with...
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    30seven Heated Vest — Regular Fit Sleeveless Base Layer with Zipper for Men or Women with...
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    The 30seven Heated Vest is a game-changing piece of clothing that revolutionizes how people stay warm during colder months. This heated vest is built with cutting-edge technology that allows the user to control their body temperature, providing warmth in freezing weather conditions. Equipped with eco-friendly, rechargeable batteries, heating zones located in the upper back and chest area, and adjustable temperature regulation, the 30seven Heated Vest not only fends off the cold but also offers complete flexibility and comfort of use. The vest is made with high-quality, lightweight materials and is designed to fit snugly, providing maximum insulation while ensuring minimal bulkiness. Its sleek and stylish design is suitable for any outdoor activity such as skiing, hiking, and hunting, but is also versatile enough to work as a layering piece for everyday wear. In addition to its cutting-edge technology, the 30seven Heated Vest is also waterproof, making it the perfect solution for those looking to conquer the elements while staying warm and comfortable.

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