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Vinmori USB Heated Vest

The Vinmori heated vest is a vest with built-in heater. The heat is powered by a portable battery, chargeable by USB. The vest contains 3+2 far-infrared heating pads to keep you warm.

  • Save Your Money – With Vinmori heated vest, you can erase most of your winter clothing shopping lists! Why smashing cash and time on buying bulky coats, easy-worn sweater and old school jakcet if you can replace all of them with one Vinmori Heated Vest?
  • Safety Is Everything – Equipped with HDWN PROTECT system, our safe-guard output current. The NTC (Native Temperature Control ) will automatically stop heating once it has overheated. It’s time to get a worthy heating apparel that will never put your safety on the line.
  • More Warmth For You – The snap-on design on the side of the waist makes the heating piece closer to the body and brings more warmth. Ideal for wearing under a jacket. Suitable for men, women, boys and girls.
  • Portable Infrared Heating Therapy – As studied, Far-infrared heated pad will offer you on-the-go heated sauna which helps to reduce arthritic pain, pain from ankylosing, spondylitis, injury. By reducing inflammation, pain will be relieved greatly thus make you feel a lot better. A perfect gift for coming Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


Vinmori Men's US Adjustable Size USB Heated Vest Green New- Free shipping
Vinmori Men's adjustable vest. New with Tags! Adjusts on both the shoulders and the sides to guarantee a comfortable fit. 3 temperature controls. NOTE: this product is not equipped with power bank, you will need a 5V/2A USB 10000mAh mobile power.
Venmori Heated Vest USB
Venmori Heated Vest USB charging. Battery is not included. There are 5 heating areas. 2 in the front and three in the back. Comes with a laundry washing bag and instruction booklet. Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Vinmori Electric Heated Vest, Lightweight Heated Clothing (adjustable size)
Fast, Free USA Shipping! (: Please look at all photos! They are of the actual item and will have any measurements in them! We want you to be happy and see exactly what you are getting! Some new items will be opened to get photos and check contents! We try to provide the best description and...
Vinmori USB Heated Vest 5 Heat Settings Machine Washable Adjustible Med-XXL Grey
Vinmori USB Heated Vest 5 Heat Settings Machine Washable Adjustible Med-XXL Grey. Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. See pictures for more details.
Vinmori Heated Vest, Washable Size Adjustable USB Charging Heated Vest.
Vinmori Heated Vest, Washable Size Adjustable USB Charging Heated Vest.. Condition is New with tags. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. By scientifically distributing three heating areas on both sides of the back and the neck, we calculated the size of the heating sheet, the heating balance, and...


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Venmori Heated Vest USB
in stock
Vinmori USB Heated Vest, 5 Heating Panels Washable Heating Clothing (No Battery)
in stock
2 new from $64.99
as of March 7, 2021 1:15 am
Free shipping
Vinmori USB Heated Vest, 5 Heating Panels Washable Heating Clothing (No Battery)
in stock
as of March 7, 2021 1:15 am
Free shipping
Vinmori USB Heated Vest, 5 Heating Panels Washable Heating Clothing (No Battery)
in stock
as of March 7, 2021 1:15 am
Free shipping
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Vinmori Heated Vest
released on August 6, 2019

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7 Reviews for Vinmori Heated Vest

  1. Minh

    This vest has been a nice addition to my morning walks. Due to my workplace, I have to walk about half a mile from where I parked my car to my office every day. In the mornings, it can get really cold, and this vest was able to keep my hands warm during the walk.First Impressions:When I opened the packaging, the Amazon order came with the vest, an instruction booklet, and a laundry mesh bag. The vest is made of a slick feeling outer material with reflective accents. On the inside is a reflective material. It looks like it’s meant to keep the heat inside. I ordered the small/medium size, and it’s pretty big. It fits me closer to a large size. I’m 5ft 6in and 160lbs. The stitching on the vest looks decent. I didn’t noticed any popped stitches. There’s also a zipper on the front pocket and a main zipper. The zippers zipped fine, and didn’t feel cheap. There’s also a mesh bag on the interior left side of the vest. The vest also has an elastic side that can definitely stretch out. Because the vest was bigger than I expected, I had to use the snaps on the inside of the vest. On either side of the inside of the vest are plastic buttons that you can use to make the vest smaller.Heating Device:There are heating elements located in the lining of each pocket, the lower back, and the upper back. They can be activated on or off using the buttons located on the interior right side of the vest. The vest has two buttons. Once button will power on the pockets, and the other button will power on the upper and lower back sections. The buttons need to be pressed for about three seconds before activated. Once activated, they alternate between a high, medium, and low heat level. There is a light to accompany each setting. To turn off the heating feature, you have to hold down the button for three seconds. Both buttons can be used together or separately. I did not notice a difference in heat when using only one button or both together. There is a USB male plug located on the left hand pocket. I just plugged the USB plug into my external battery bank, and kept the battery in my left pocket. There is also a cap on the USB plug. I would cap it before washing.Performance:The vest works well depending on the environment. I felt that it works best under my larger outerjacket. If it’s a really windy day, the vest will struggle to provide enough heat to overcome the heat lost due to the wind and cold. In a cold room, it’s awesome. When I’m sitting in a cold room, and the vest is under my outer vest, the heating element in the back can get too hot actually.Room for Improvement:Due to the placement of the USB port and the external battery, the external battery has to be located in the left outside pocket. I feel like that is a waste of space because that’s where your hands should go. There is a mesh bag located on the interior left side of the vest. You can cut a small hole in the vest so you can put the battery pack in the mesh part of the interior of the vest instead.Overall:I’ve always spent time in the cold without anything heated, so having a heated vest is a really nice quality of life improvement. It feels really nice having toasty hands when walking outside. The vest should also be worn under a larger jacket if possible. That will keep the heat produced in as much as possible. Lastly, make sure that you put the plug on the USB port and place the vest in the mesh laundry basket before washing it.

  2. Jessica

    I got this one for my cousin who just had the baby last few months. She always feels cold especially in this season. Since she had this one she feels a lot better, warmer. Easy to use. Its easy to mix and match with any clothes. Sometimes she has a backache or stomachache it helps a bit also by warming her back and her stomach up. Thats good. Its affordable. To keep yourself warm in this weather i think its more than $100 for a thick jacket or sweater. But less than that price, you can just buy this one and its not heavy or thick. It’s convenient.

  3. Yohan

    Purchased this as a black friday deal.Pros:-Vest is lightweight-Has a nice look to it.Cons:-Does not get all that warm-Drains batteries very quickly even on the lowest settings-Zones tend to shut off by themselves-Fit is very snug

  4. TexMex

    1) it came in a generic plastic bag with just a small tag attached to the inside with the brand name on it.2) no instructions and no laundry bag came with it.3) it’s not very warm. I sat inside the house with it on high and barely felt the warmth. I got this for my husband to wear when he’s working outside.I suspect this was a repackaged return and most of the reviews were paid reviews. I’m returning this one and ordering a different brand and hoping that will work for him.

  5. Tom

    Absolutely amazing. My husband is on dialysis and has had a kidney removed. He wasn’t able to get his inner core warm. This vest does the trick. He has also said it eased his back ache. CAUTION: It’s so soothing it puts my husband right to sleep. Thank you for this fine product. P.S. I bought my daughter one whom has RA. I have great hopes, results are yet to be determined. My daughter has received her vest. She says it’s a life changer. All she wished was it was a body suit with hands and feet. So I went and found that you also make heated socks. Bought those for her too. She severely burnt her legs and feet and her scars get so cold. We will see if the socks rock her world like the vest has.

  6. Ric O

    follow up 1/17/2020:Today it is 27 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of 14 and winds at 18 mph, a good day to test vest.Clothing consisted of a base layer, a dicky (sleevless mock neck marino wool sweater), a quarter zip up sweater, Vinmori vest then a north face shell to block out wind. I took a short walk around a neighborhood lake/pond and then a short trail which lasted about 3/4hr. would’ve kept going but hands and face got very cold but core was fine.I guess I should’ve wore a balaclava face mask and winter mittens.With that said, I think I will keep vest and battery pack.follow up 1/14/2020: After seeing that other models/brands also seem to have loose fitting i have decided to try it on a day that is around 30 degrees and with layering.I will post another follow up review 1/12/2020: ordered a size s/m, but vest was still too large allowing for draft which would cause heat loss. Unfortunately this was the smallest size so I will be returning it. Other than that i would’ve happily kept it.

  7. Todd M. Dupont

    I purchased this vest because the size chart did a good job of describing the size and measurements. Given that I’m a big guy, I was very conscious of the length of the vest. As I compared the size of this vest via the measurements provided, it closely matched one of my non heated version vests (Izod XXL tall) which fits very nicely. Actually some of the numbers were bigger than my incumbent. When I received this vest I found it to fit more like a 1950’s woman’s bathing suit on me. I would post a pic but don’t want you all to get sick. Since the zipper is on the wrong side I thought I may have gotten a ladies version by accident but apparently its a unisex vest. Doesn’t matter that I can’t zipper it because its backwards for me because I wouldn’t be able to breath if it were zippered. Now I have an $80 loaner vest for my friends. Buyer beware, XXL in China is much different than XXL in America. Plus they zipper with their left hand.

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