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AKASO Nomad Battery Heated Vest

The Nomad Heated Vest is available for both Men and Women. Compared to other heated vests it is a step above the rest in terms of style and functionality. This versatile  premium heated vest from Akaso comes with 3 heating levels, independent front and back heat control, has a detachable hood, and massive 10,000 mAh power bank to keep you warm for hours.

  • INTELLIGENT HEATING – 4 built-in ultra fine carbon fiber heating panels are controlled by separate FRONT (for left & right abdomen) and BACK (for collar & back) buttons. 3 heating levels provide customized coziness even on coldest winter days.
  • OVERHEAT PROTECTION – If, for any reason, the heating areas’ internal temp exceeds 150°F, the implanted sensor will be triggered to turn off the power immediately. You may turn it back on after the vest cools off, or contact us if problem persists. Guaranteed safety while staying toasty.
  • LONG-LASTING WARMTH – High capacity 10000mAh power bank offers up to 15+ hours of warmth, and can be used to charge your mobile devices. The water resistant out shell ensures you stay dry and comfortable. The hood can be attached if extra warmth is required.
  • RECYCLED INSULATION – GRS (Global Recycled Standard) approved Sugenro fiber is exceptionally soft and delivers unparalleled resistance to heat loss while remaining breathable in any condition. Reduce your environmental footprint without sacrificing performance!
  • WHAT YOU GET – One AKASO Nomad heated vest in a carrying bag, detachable hood, one laundry bag, one 10000mAh battery power bank with a micro USB cable, and friendly customer service. Any problem? Just let us know and we are always here to help.
  • IMPORTANT TIP – Very slim fit, please go with one size larger than you normally wear. If you need an exchange or any other assistance, please refer to the size tag (inside under collar) and contact us.

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READ NOTES AKASO Women's Nomad Battery Heated Vest Women 3 Levels Size Small
Functional, but missing battery and charger. No wear. Very clean. (1) Vest. Opened manufacturer packaging. Color: Gray. PLEASE SEE PHOTOS FOR WHAT IS INCLUDED. Please do NOT ASSUME an item is included if it is not in the photo. Missing...
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Package Dimensions16.14 x 10.75 x 5.12 inches; 2.33 Pounds
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Battery Size10,000 mAh
Nomad Battery Heated Vest
released on October 4, 2019


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2 Reviews for Nomad Battery Heated Vest

  1. Jerry Lafferty

    I like to hunt! Archery is my preference, sitting in a tree stand or blind all day trying to be almost perfectly still a guy can get pretty darned cold. In comes the heated vest to save the day! This thing rocks, I can sit there and start sweating (not recommended) but thats how well this thing heats. The back of the neck is awesome, keeps me toasty warm by itself. Dual controls for the front and rear heat panels is great too. Wind at your back Crank it up! Wind at your face Crank it up! Did I mention I can keep my phone or GPS charged at the same time. The hood is detachable and attaches via both zipper and velcro so no wind coming in there either. The seams and quilting seem to be holding strong, no snags or tears. Im a short guy, 5ft 5in about 165 or 170lbs, I bought the large, It fits well but I almost wish I would have went one size up. Its a perfect fit under my carhart coat for added warmth. My only discrepancy was the instructions for the battery. One picture shows the USB plugged into the white port and the other picture shows it plugged into the orange port. No clear instructions. I tested both ways and the vest works via either port as well as the charging for my phone, so who knows. I checked the website and found no answer there either. No matter I am very pleased with the vest and its performance thus far. There is a 2 yr warranty so I cant go wrong. The vest comes in its own little zipper bag which is great for the trunk of your car or to fit in your hunting pack or bug out bag. All in all I give the AKASO Nomad Battery Heated Vest 5 full stars. I would fully recommend this vest to my friends and family….UPDATE A Representative for AKASO reached out to me regarding the battery pack USB ports. ” sorry for the confusion regarding the two USB ports, here is the answer to your concern:The white-color one is a normal USB port and the orange one is fast-charging compatible. If your mobile devices also support fast-charging, the orange port will charge faster than the white one. But for the heated vest, these two ports are essentially the same – the output power here is determined by the heating system but not the ports”. Awesome customer service!

  2. Paul D Alexander

    There is so much written about how this vest that is totally misleading potential buyers, that I felt completely compelled to write this review. How many reviews say the vest runs small? Lots! I read dozens of reviews, many of which suggest buying 1 or 2 sizes larger. That’s not necessarily a good idea. Here’s how to really size this vest: I’m 5’-8 1/2” tall and 147 lbs. (You have to know this when regarding any review about this vest.)All my other jackets and vests are Size M (there’s not one exception, and I have a dozen).I bought a Medium and it fits absolutely perfect. Glad I didn’t listen to the plethora that said to buy 1 size larger. This is the KEY: Size this vest for your belly. I noticed that ALL the people that said to buy a size or two larger were people that are much more stout than me or that have more body fat. In men, that chubbiness tends to be in the belly area, exactly where AKASO trimmed down the size in comparison to other popular vest makers. If you’re 5’-8” and 175 lbs, then size up. This vest is designed for a trim body type. If you are built in the chest and trim in the belly, then this vest will size exactly like all your others. Your belly size is crucial. Laying this vest on top of my North Face vest, the shoulders and chest size are identical. It’s the bottom of the vest that is smaller. 5 inches shorter. That’s 2.5” on each side of the vest, laying flat and zipped. There’s a good reason for this. For a heated vest to keep you warm, it needs to fit a bit snug, all over. Otherwise wind will allow airflow into your vest, and I noticed that even with this slimmer vest design, air still infiltrates the vest. Standing outside in 10 mph hour wind at 50º for an hour seems to be the critical point in which the vest is not quite warm enough to keep up with the heat losses. I saw that complaint, too. It’s not really a big deal, though… it’s a vest. It’s not really intended to act as a coat.

    THE BEST THING ABOUT THE AKASO VEST: The heated elements are powered by a typical USB connection. Just like you’d plug in your iPhone to a USB port in your car, you plug this vest into a USB port on any power bank. Compare this to other jackets. Most of them come with a charger cord to charge the battery. When you leave the house, the only way to charge the jacket’s battery is with that wall plug. If you run out of power, you’re S.O.L.. Knowing that the jacket has pockets, it’s possible to put the power cord into one of the pockets, but I’ve noticed that on every model I’ve run across, the prongs do not fold in flat with the charger’s transformer. That means they protrude out and poke whatever, including your hands and the jacket, potentially damaging the lining of the pocket. Not good! The AKASO avoids this huge problem by choosing to utilize the universally accessible USB plug. Bravo, AKASO. The provided battery is good. You’ll be happy with it. However, there is a better battery on the market that is smaller, lighter, has the same capacity and has a digital percentage display. It is the model 20000M Power Bank 10000mAh capacity power bank by T-CORE. If I were AKASO, I’d be using this battery. The retail cost on Amazon is about $27. You can find it at this link: With this alternate battery, I was pleased to see how long I could heat this vest vs. how little percentage of use it consumed. Love it!

    Now for the power lights that illuminate when the jacket is on. Some reviewers hated those lights. Don’t listen to them, and here’s why. I’ll start with my Venture Heat coat. The power button illuminates like all heated coats, and like most brands/models, the button is positioned like a badge on the upper left chest, which is conspicuous as it can be. No hiding a bright red/blue/white light that faces whoever you’re talking to. Plus, the Venture Heat button is so bright, it interferes with driving at night, when powering on the coat behind the wheel. It’s seriously that bright. At a public event, my Venture Heat coat was the topic of discussion, and I didn’t really want to be the dork with a heated coat, even if everyone talking about it was freezing in theirs. The common reference was that it looked like a Star Trek coat. Look at the provided photo and see for yourself. The lighted button on the AKASO vest is completely different. It’s located at the bottom of the vest on the left side, slightly forward. The lights are bright enough to be seen in the day, but not too bright at night. So far, nobody has made a comment about the vest’s lighted buttons (there are a pair… one for the front side and one for the back, both operating independently). Worrying about the lighted buttons is misleading 99% of consumers who won’t find any problem with them at all. That being said, I’m set with a darn good looking jacket. Check out the photos and my darn good looking girlfriend. We look nice together, and this vest looks really good in the photo. It’s a very good buy.(I had never heard of AKASO before looking to buy this vest)

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