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Arris Heated Outdoor Vest

This outdoor heated vest from Arris is made with soft fleece material and includes 6 battery operated heating panels. If you need to warm on simply turn on one of the 5 heating levels and let the vest warm you up in a few seconds.

  • Size Adjustable – 2019 New Adjusting Method – The new adjusting method makes this heated vest have a nicer look and a wider adjusting range. Perfectly suitable for wearing under a jacket. Simply unzip the zippers under each arm, and replace the panels as needed to adjust to your size. Smallest size doesn`t need any extra panels at all. Unisex: Man, woman and children can use it.
  • 6 Heating Panels & 5 Temperature Control – 5 heating level from 40? to 80?(104°F to 176°F). Perfect for outdoor activities like snowmobile, motorcycle, mountain, camping, hiking, ski, Fishing, Hunting or office routine and business. Good for use during fall and winter.
  • 7.4V Powerful Rechargeable Lipo Battery – Up to 6 hours comfortable warmth after fully charged. The portable lipo battery can also be used as a power supply for your phone or other devices. Most heating pads in the market is powered by 5V USB, while what we use is 7.4V battery, which could offer more power and better heat to the pads.
  • Health Care Heated Jacket – Help promote blood circulation, relief pain of muscles. Best gift for parents and families for coming Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Safety – Built-in thermal protection module. Once it is overheat, it would stop until the heat return to the standard temperature. Support Hand/ Machine/ Dry wash. We know you will be impressed with our product and quality service, but if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately as we offer a 30-day money back.


ARRIS 7.4V 7200Mah Lipo Battery for ARRIS Heated Vest and Heating Jacket
Specification: Model: 1090190 Capacity: 7.4V 7200mAh 53.28Wh Output: DC 7.4V 2.1A Input: DC 8.4V 1.2A Max Warning: Charge only with 8.4V 1.2A Charger. Do not damage or dispose it in fire. Do not short circuit. Do not disassemble. How to Use this Battery to Charge the ARRIS Heated Vest &...
ARRIS Size Adjustable Electric Warm Heated Vest 8 Heating Panels with battery
【7200mah Battery Includes】- Click this link to buy an extra battery https://www.ebay.com/itm/402488744444 8 Heating Panels & 5 Temperature Control- The 2019 newly released size adjustable heated vest has totally 8 heat panels, different heating areas are controlled by different buttons....
ARRIS 7.4V 7200Mah Lipo Battery for ARRIS Heated Vest and Heating Jacket
Specification: Model: 1090190 Capacity: 7.4V 7200mAh 53.28Wh Output: DC 7.4V 2.1A Input: DC 8.4V 1.2A Max Warning: Charge only with 8.4V 1.2A Charger. Do not damage or dispose it in fire. Do not short circuit. Do not disassemble. How to Use this Battery to Charge the ARRIS Heated Vest &...
ARRIS Size Adjustable Electric Warm Heated Vest 8 Heating Panels with battery
【7200mah Battery Includes】- Click this link to buy an extra battery https://www.ebay.com/itm/402488744444 8 Heating Panels & 5 Temperature Control- The 2019 newly released size adjustable heated vest has totally 8 heat panels, different heating areas are controlled by different buttons....


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14 Reviews for Heated Vest for the Outdoors

  1. Andrea L

    LOVE this vest!! First of all, it’s so soft and comfortable! Second, I was a little scared about it being “unisex and one size fits all” BUT….it Is! I am 5’3 130lbs, husband is 6ft 200 lbs and we were both able to fit it perfectly with the adjustable sides. Super easy instructions. I plugged the battery in, turned it on, selected my preferred temp and in seconds I was so warm. I live in New England and it’s Soookoo cold here, I was able to wear this vest and a light jacket and I was so super warm. Price is even better, it’s the cheaper of the brands so i didn’t expeect this much quality. It really is great!! 5 starsssss!!!!

  2. Brandon dekker

    After using this vest daily for a week, I have decided that it is a must have. I use this vest for work and school in cold rooms. I also use it under a winter jacket when I need to go outside. The different heat settings are great, making any environment more comfortable. I am 6’0″ and 230 lbs, I wear it on the smallest width setting. It is a little bit short on me but it still works. I use this with several power banks which make it through my day, sometimes 12 hours. The large power banks are a Mophie XXL 20,000 mah, rav power 32,000 mah, and a pocket juice 20,000 mah. My most frequent settings are medium high and high. In my room, I use medium, and the raw power power bank last all day at this setting, usually still having some power remaining when I get ready for bed.The heat pads are only in the back, which is stated in the description, so I knew this going in. They do get pretty warm pretty fast. Washing the vest is a little weird, but it does dry quick, about 3 hours hanging in front of a fan. Soap sticks to the material and leaves stains, so I learned to dilute the soap in the washer tub before putting the vest in. The collar comes all they way up my neck to my chin, which doesn’t bother me too much. Light weight, and does its job.I wish the pockets were placed more towards the front of the vest, there are kind of awkwardly to the side. The USB cable worries me, its thin and looks like it will wear down easy. I will probably wrap it with something to keep it from bending too much and becoming fragile. The pocket does fit my huge rav power power bank, but it does have to go in at an angle.Ordered a second one for my girlfriend.

  3. matthew kelly

    Pros-Heats up VERY well and sides have a good velcro that allows adjustment for a wide range of sizes and frames.I bought a 30,000mah pack (though bulky) so that I could use the vest on the highest setting and still last a good 9+hrs on one chargeCons.-when I first adjusted the vest to my size the zipper kept falling down. If this happens, you have to adjust the zipper so that it sits higher up on your chest.-could use a dedicated pocket for the battery pack.

  4. Jimmy

    I’ve had this for almost a week now and love this thing so far! And I think the people who have problems with is are probably using the vest wrong or not reading the description.This vest is not a replacement for a jacket. Maybe for a brisk fall day it would be nice on its own. But this thing really works well when under a winter jacket. This does not come with a battery. You will nee to get a nice big USB power bank that is rated for at least 2.1A out of a single port to use this vest.For me, I found that the second power level (green or high) was the most comfortable under my jacket in 30 degree weather. And that (red or very high) was the best for when you first go into the cold but it was almost too hot after a few minutes.I am 145Lbs and 5’11” I normally wear a men’s medium and this vest adjusted to fit me tightly without a problem. I actually can tighten it another 2 inches smaller around my chest if needed, that’s probably what would be called a women’s medium at that setting. It can be set very large too but I have no need for that. This works best worn tight because it holds the heating pads against your body.During initial testing I found it draws almost exactly 2A at 5V. See my pictures for the measurements. That’s 10 watts of heating on the highest setting. 10 watts may not sound like a lot but it makes a big difference. If you have ever tried heated seats in a car on their highest setting, well it feels exactly like that when the vest is under a coat. And when the vest is off you can’t feel where the heating pads are, they are flexible.I saw on another review that a heating pad is under the battery holding pocket, its not. The heating pad is above that pocket. If your battery is excessively heating up its because its not actually rated for 2.1A continuous and you should get a better one. Warm is normal for them but hot is not.I have almost no complaints. The zipper feels sorta cheap and overall material selection seems sorta cheap. But on the other hand, this is the cheapest way to make any jacket a heated jacket that performs just as good as other built in heating jackets my friends have gotten. But they got theirs for over $200.

  5. FarmerBoyFPV

    I’ve also have the jacket, ive warn it ever day sense I got it. So i decided to try the vest to hide under snow clothes this winter. I have to say I’m very happy. The first thing i noticed is the fit, it not made for fashion like the coat, its a very functional vest. Its very ajustable via crazy nice velcrow like the medical knee, foot, whatever brace, and uses simmular industral soft fabrick. Its very much made to ware when you know your going to freeze, its going to work under a large winter coat, when im going out to play in -30* weather.Conclusion, if your looking for an everyday nice looking heated jacket. I dont think this is it, i dont plan on whearing this solo. I think this is an extra layer under something warmer. Its great that it has 5 power levels and the fit puts the heaters as close to skin as possable. Its a great heated vest, and if youve never had a heated coat or vest its a whole new experence. Your probably not wanting to ever go without it.Best uses. Sking, snow boarding, snowmobileing , motorcycle, playground kid watching. Outdoor activities that freeze you.Thanks for reading.

  6. CrystalK

    I purchased this vest for my son who is an avid hunter, camper, and fisherman. He absolutely LOVES this vest. What makes this vest stand out is that I had purchased another one for him in a XXXXL from another company and it didn’t even come close to fitting him. Once received we did realize that it came from an Asian country and from my own experience, their sizing is very much different than our own her in the US. My son is a good sized man…about 6’2″ and weighs about 260 lbs. This vest has several zippered sections of different sizes so you can adjust the size of the vest to fit you the best.When I first took it to him after getting it, he was actually getting dressed to go deer hunting. He didn’t have time to make any sizing adjustments to the vest, so I just zipped in all of them thinking it would be a tight fit after our previous experience with the other vest. I was wrong. Much to my surprise, it was way too large for him. He just said he would wear it like it was and make the adjustments when he got home. I told him to send me a text and let me know how it was doing in the “warming up” department.Within an hour, I got a text saying it was super warm and he actually could not wear it on its highest setting. Once he got home he said he removed the largest sections on both sides and it fits him like a glove!! So for anyone who is on the large side, I highly recommend this vest!!!! Personally, I think it could be a few inches longer but he doesn’t seem to mind. He has worn the vest several times and was wearing it when he bagged his first deer during muzzle loader season. I did pay the extra $10 to get the fleece version. According to my son, the vest is very warm even with no heat turned on at all. So, overall I am very pleased with this purchase. It came fairly quickly as well

  7. John S.

    The vest itself is basically a fleece vest with a felt liner. With the zippers in the smallest position, the vest fits quite well – though a little baggy around the waist for me (no draw string). The collar is a little stiff. I plug it in. Even on the lowest setting you can feel a little heat. There are five heat settings, and the heat pads warm up very quickly. So, I’m happy. Two things: There is no battery pocket, the battery goes in your left hand pocket; didn’t care much for that. The last thing is that the wires going to the USB battery attachment are human hair thin. UPDATE : after using the vest (always on a low heat setting) the electronic heat control no longer works. Battery is fine, vest lights initially, but wont turn on heat once you try to push the chest button. If this is the level of quality, I’m not very interested in a replacement.

  8. Juno

    I had no idea if this would actually work and was skeptical on the heat longevity. I read many, many reviews (mostly very positive) and deiced on the vest model. One size really does fit most, if not all. They have a simple swap able zipper swath that up either unzip for a narrow torso or add an additional zipper swath for a lager torso. I took it out of the box (came fully charged) read the 3 step instructions and had warmth within 30 seconds. I live in New York and Florida and tend to need days to adjust to the fluctuation in temperature when outside for 4 hours.It works great. Easy setup and didn’t need to do more than glance and the instructions. I walk a lot and am outside in 20 degree F temps for 4 hours. I was warm and couldn’t be happier. I even wear the vest inside instead of wasting heat for my loft apartment. Some of the nits online were factually incorrect. I was prepared to return if I had any issues. Instead I bought one for mt son who complains about the cold. It looks like a fleece vest and can be worn anywhere, I highly recommend it. It an awesome piece of technology to solve common everyday winter problems…

  9. GoToTheSuns

    I have a back injury, I need to keep my back warm while having little pressure on my spine. I bought the heated belt from the same brand, it works very well, providing very good heating with comfort, then I noticed their vests and bought this. I’m very glad that I bought it. I use it outdoors, it’s very worm and comfortable, no more heavy coat, I’m so happy about it. I also use it indoors to keep my back warm. I found the medium heating level is sufficient in most case.The battery life is very good, it can provide about 6 to 7 hours of heating when using medium level. I bought a backup battery, however, I haven’t really needed to use it, since the battery can last 6 to 7 hours when I’m outside and I can just recharge it when I get home.The only drawback is the size, I lost a lot of weight and I wore 29 inch pants, but even when the vest is adjusted to the smallest, it is still a little big for me. It would be great if the design allows more room to adjust the size. I put an elastic band through the hole on the bottom so I can tight the bottom of the vest to keep the warm air inside.The quality of the vest is also good, no loose threads, no missed stiches.

  10. Jank

    Love my heated vest!!!!! Wear it to my grandkids football, cross country, soccer games & track & golf meets in central Iowa. Also under my motorcycle jacket. I recommend it to everyone that is going to be outside for very long! The fit is very adjustable with the zip out panels. It has 5 different temps that can be adjusted to suit me. This jacket has a higher heated neck which also helps with tension! The vest is thin enough that I can wear it under a winter coat when it is really cold. I even wear it at home on chilly evenings. It is one of my best purchases!!!! I know my sport friends are buying them too!!! Battery is included & stays charged for games!!! I can also charge my cell phone w/this battery!!!!! Thanks Arris for a great item!!!!!

  11. George

    UPDATE: After a few months of use, the battery no longer works. I think it is the connection on the input side of the battery. No response from seller. The vest itself was very nice but I will need to get another battery.PREVIOUS COMMENTS:The vest is powered using a barrel plug into a battery that only has a barrel plug input. There is no USB connection at all so you cannot use it to power any USB devices. Given that flaw, the vest is still very good. Battery lasts a long time. Make sure you buy a spare battery. My wife loves it so I ordered another for myself.

  12. Blake

    I bought this for my father for Christmas. Before giving it to him, I tested it to make sure I didn’t need to return it for being faulty. At first I thought it was broken because it wouldn’t turn on until I realized this:To turn on:Connect batteryPRESS AND HOLD button on BATTERY first. Light on vest will blink on meaning it’s ready.THEN hold vest button for 3+ seconds until it turns on.It heated up and could feel it with 30-60 seconds. The best thing about this vest (and the main reason for wanting it for my father) is the zone on the neck. The rest of the zones however are misleading based on the pictures for this product. There are 2 zones on the mid back – left and right. The 2 front zones are ABOVE the pocket, under the chest on both left and right sides. If you’re expecting this vest to warm up your hands DO NOT purchase this product for that assumption. The zone on the collar is perfect.Edit: I bought a second one for my mother, who has also been complaining about Pennsylvania winters lately. After doing the same with the second that I did with the first, I can say that the zones are in the exact same place. So it’s not a quality control issue where the zones were placed and that is actually where they are supposed to be. Aside from this, the second vest came with a card that I didn’t notice or get in the first package that offers you 50% off an additional battery but you have to contact [email protected] to receive it. Keep in mind if you wanted to purchase a vest + additional battery.

  13. DanM_NY

    I bought this primarily for hunting. Wow! Impressed. Even though the higher heat level feels real nice I only needed to use the two lowest settings to not feel cold. This was in 20F weather. BThe battery lasted for two evening and one morning hunt before needing to be recharged. Best feature is the heated neck area. This is where I’d most feel cold when sitting in a stand.I”m so impressed by this vest that I just ordered one for our son for Christmas.PS: make sure to use a close fitting panel adjustment to get the maximum benefit of the heating panels.

  14. F Gonzalez S

    It a perfect solution for getting warm on cold days. I bought them for my parents without being able to get their measures, but with its unique zipper adjustable system it worked perfect for them. Each got a perfect fitting without any complication. Good battery life. They said it is easy to operate and provides a superb heating sensation. Well manufactured although is not a fashion winner, but when you look for comfort not necessarily you will get the most fashionable product. Excellent for staying warm on cold days.

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