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HP Reverb VR Headset Professional Edition for PC

Transform your expectations of VR with double the resolution and two times the pixels. The HP Reverb VR Headset takes your content to another level with this ultra-light, ultra-immersive headset that’s changing the VR headset game. Features stunning lifelike VR never seen before – discover a multi-sensory experience like no other with this next-level headset from HP.

  • DISPLAY: Dual LCD 2.89-Inch diagonal screen w/ pulse backlight technology creates a staggering 2160 x 2160 pixel resolution per eye and a 114° field of view
  • AUDIO: Integrated spatial audio and dual smart assistant supported mics lets you harness the full immersive power of VR
  • FORM: Lighter, smaller and sleeker than ever makes this VR headset more streamlined and more wearable than the competition. This super light HMD offers long-lasting comfort, giving you deep immersion and a natural viewing experience in every session
  • SIZE: Height: 3. 3″. Width: 2. 2″. Depth: 7″. Weight (Approximate): 1. 10 lb.
  • OTHER: Connectivity Technology: Wired | Application/Usage: PC | Hdmi: Yes | HP Manufacturer Part Number: 7DH40UT#ABA
  • WHATS INCLUDED: Reverb Virtual Reality Headset – Professional Edition, 4m Headset Cable for desktop and mobile PC’s, 0. 6m Headset Cable for HP Z VR Backpack wearable VR PC (Z VR backpack PC sold separately) 2 x Motion Controllers 1 x DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort Adapter Setup Document

At ebay.com you can purchase a HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality VR Headset - 1G5U1AA#ABA HEADSET ONLY for only $99.99., which is 85% less than the cost in Walmart ($653.54). The cheapest price was found on November 30, 2022 3:09 pm. – View Buying Options



HP Reverb G2 Version 2 with NEW UPDATED CABLE
HP Reverb G2 Version 2 with NEW UPDATED CABLE
HP Reverb G2 Version 2. Comes with everything. Roughly only 20 hours on it. Like new. No scratches.
HP Reverb VR (professional Edition) Headset Used
HP Reverb VR (professional Edition) Headset Used
HP enterprises Reverb VR (professional Edition) Headset. Tested and works! Comes with headset, two controllers and Special HDMI cable connector!
HP REVERB G2 - VERSION 2 - VIRTUAL REALITY - UPDATED CABLE *COMPLETE VR KIT* Stock photos used in this listing show examples of the product but do not represent the actual item being sold. Accessories, options and features shown may not...



HP Reverb VR Headset
released on September 24, 2019


Meet The HP Reverb VR Headset | HP® Tech Takes

The HP Reverb VR headset is a breakthrough in VR design and features. At just over a pound in weight and stellar 2160 x 2160 resolution per eye, it’s what’s hot in the VR market

HP Reverb G2 VR Headset | HP® Official Site

HP Reverb G2 The no-compromise VR headset Developed in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, our breakthrough VR headset delivers a more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience.

HP Reverb VR Headset | TechRadar

The HP Reverb headset has best-in-class resolution, and is easy to set up in new spaces. Read our HP Reverb VR headset to see if it's the right VR headset for you.


// Company Profile – HP

HP is a computer company that was started in 1939, and is currently based in California. HP aims to provide products that are innovative and interesting in the markets that it serves. HP is known in the wearable technology market for their watch prototype. – View Profile


9 Reviews for HP Reverb VR Headset

  1. E in Orlando, FL

    First off, this display really is next-level clear. I have owned, and am comparing this to:Samsung OdysseySamsung Odyssey +Oculus RiftPimax 4KEdit 8/15/2019: I got tired of the dimming and will be returning this device. I have also purchased one directly from HP now that I hear that the latest batch has been much more stable. I will further update this review once I receive and test the replacement.On to the observations…Pros:+ The display – This is why I bought it. It is very crisp and delivers *almost* no SDE while also avoiding that slight haze like the O+.+ No light leakage+ Comfort – Definitely finding lighter and it easier to use with glasses than some of the other HMDs.+ Despite the warnings about needing a powerhouse PC to run it, I seem to have no trouble on a Core i5 8600K(6 cores), 16 GB RAM, and a GTX1060. I saw little difference if any when running on my gaming rig, with 32GB Ram, Core i7, and a GTX1080. Admittedly I am not a hardcore gamer and may not notice subtleties so YMMV.+ I am lucky to have average IPD so I’ve had no problems there.Cons:- This connector situation is shameful. In case you haven’t heard, the cable connector tends to work itself loose which gives you flickers, black screen, one side failing, etc. I found a few solutions on Reddit that pointed me in the right direction. By adding wire ties to hold the connector in place it has become MUCH more stable.- There seems to be a dimming issue after 20 minutes of usage, but I am not sure if this is heat or the connector acting up again. The message boards are again a good place to check and stay informed on findings.- The cable is stiff and flat which makes it bend and twist much less freely than a round cable would.- Tracking is no better than previous WMR from what I can tell. In fact, this has been more goofy at times, showing controllers as a mirror image, or in the wrong places when I first start etc. A quick restart fixes it.Other notes:* Make sure you adjust your SteamVR resolution up to 188% because the default resolution does not take full advantage of this display.Final verdict:If you are looking for a perfect, flawless, fully commercially ready product you may want to wait a few months for HP to work out the kinks. Personally, I am keeping it despite the issues. As an early adopter I expect to hit some bumps. The cable things seems to be manageable. And if the display dimming is declared to be a hardware issue (rather than drivers or something else) I will jump on the bandwagon and complain to HP for a fix even if it is months from now. I assume, hopefully not naively, that they will stand by their product especially for those of us who took a chance on it early in the game.

  2. ElViejo

    I got the Reverb a few hours ago, so this is a very preliminary look–more to follow. So far, I am very pleased: the resolution is what I had hoped for two years ago when I started messing with mixed reality. Background: I am using an HP Omen Compact Desktop, and the Reverb is replacing a Samsug headset, one of the original mixed reality headsets. The point is that I’m not working from a dead start here.Set up was a snap, as many people say. I loosened the velcro straps on the sides and top of the Reverb to fit it to my head, plugged in the main cable(fifteen feet) using the display port adaptor. The Reverb fired up immediately. I put batteries in the right-hand controller, and the controller worked without having to pair it to the Omen. The controller seems to be exactly like the earliest mixed reality controllers.As everyone notes, the cable is ugly heavy, so either sit down or run the cable through your belt to support it. A short cable to use with an HP backpack is included, and I will comment on it after I have tried it. I did all my initial testing using Microsoft Mixed Reality with the cliff house user interface. Resolution was impressive. Some screen-door was evident, but it is so fine grain you almost have to look for it. The headset has to be worn just right to avoid light circles. The “flashlight” feature works, and its not improved with the Reverb. Looking at Microsoft desktop apps like Edge, News, File Manager was surprising: they were clear enough to actually use them! Tracking was fine, even with my arm raised straight up(I had to look straight up). The sound was fine with the built in headphones, just the same as the old Samsung headset. I will be trying out over the ear phones shortly.So far, very pleased. When I placed my order, I started kicking myself at the expense, but now I am quite pleased.

  3. RP53

    The HP Reverb has the best resolution out there at this time. Picture quality is very good. I use the Reverb for flight simming with P3D4 so I don’t care about the tracking of controllers as I don’t use them.I’m running a High level PC with an over clocked 8700K CPU an RTX2080 and 64gig of memory.I’m running almost all of ORBX scenery and there are places where you still need to turn the settings down. Seattle, LA, San Diego and others. But. Still the best picture quality out there right now.

  4. S. Swearingen

    Visuals are great directly in front. Get blurry in your peripheral vision.Hands down the most clear and best resolution I’ve seen.Zero Screen door effect (SDE)But, unit gets uncomfortably hot against your face.I ran War Thunder and IL-2 BOS. War thunder was ok, but would heat up to uncomfortable temps after about 20 mins.IL-2 would get uncomfortable after only 10 or so minutes. And frames would drop down to about 33-34.Also, software for windows mixed reality sucks. Wonky.If you get this, use the SteamVR app for windows mixed reality.Controllers feel cheap and flimsy. Tracking is subpar.

  5. GMT

    Pros:Amazing resolution and view clarity.Cons:Fixed lens distance, with 72mm IPD it is hardy possible to find appropriate sight. (63-64mm IPD is ideal)A bit flatter colors.

  6. DJ CeeCee

    It got me on time and there weren’t any shipping issues at all but as far as the product goes, I really wanted to get something good and thought the Reverb would be outstanding considering the resolution but the only good thing about it is the resolution. The colors are terrible it’s washed out and the headphones are generic, the controllers are the only other decent thing about it which isn’t saying much. I waited a while until this headset was available and it turns out I should have gotten the Index instead. I made a $700 mistake and there is nothing I can do about it. It turned me off to buying a new headset now. I don’t know maybe somebody else will buy it off of me and I can get some money back.

  7. Anwar

    Worked great in the beginning. After 2 weeks the left headphone started cutting out and the headset would intermittently disconnect from the PC….. so disappointing. Such an amazing VR experience but this issue destroys the fun.

  8. Tony Baartman

    I can handle wearing it but it’s not nearly as comfortable as the Oculus Rift.

  9. Larry C

    Dead on Arrival with a black screen, the rest seems to work fine ok.

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