Iwoot Piano Hand Gloves 1

Iwoot Piano Hand Gloves


Well if you want to feel like you are Tom Hanks in the movie Big, here is your chance but with your hands!  Another fascinatingly bizzare device, these Piano Hand Gloves play piano notes when tapped on to a hard surface.  For $49.99 your fingertips can make music.  Awesome.

Iwoot Piano Gloves

Technologies: Button/Switch

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  • I Create experimental Music where can i find a pair of these gloves at ?

  • This looks like the I-CubeX TouchGlove (available since 1995 .. ), see http://infusionsystems.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/45, with 6 pressure sensitive sensors, one in each finger tip and one on the palm. They have a pretty cool demo video on their website: http://infusionsystems.com/catalog/info_pages.php/pages_id/92.


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