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The Chubby Buttons 2 is a Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.1 Remote

Chubby Buttons 2 is the Swiss army knife of Bluetooth remotes. No more fumbling for your phone or touch-sensitive earpods! It’s the world’s 1st wearable remote for action sports putting control of the essential functions of your phone right on your arm, with oversized buttons designed perfectly for gloves. Featured at X-Games 2019!

  • Easy-Touch Remote – Never fumble w/ your phone or touch-sensitive earbuds again. The Chubby Buttons Bluetooth remote features big buttons to control your phone even when wearing gloves or mittens.
  • Launch Siri or Google Assistant, Answer Calls, Control Tunes – Compatible w/ all smartphones, music apps, headphones (wired & wireless) & Bluetooth speakers. No downloads, just pair it & go! Launch your digital assistant, answer calls, control your tunes & take selfies remotely.
  • Rugged, All-Weather Use – This smartphone remote is water resistant to make it tough enough to outlast snowy slopes, rain-soaked roads and steamy bathrooms, making it ideal for action sports or active lifestyles.
  • All-Season Battery Life – Lasts & lasts, this smartphone remote control helps save phone battery life in cold weather & keeps working through every ride, powder, and rugged hiking adventure.
  • Wearable or Stickable Convenience – Wear it w/ the armband over big winter coats, stick its nanosuction backing to motorcycles, showers, mirrors, car radios and more!

At you can purchase a Chubby Buttons 2 Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.2 Remote for iPhone & Android for only $49.99. The cheapest price was found on April 19, 2024 10:13 am. – View Buying Options



Chubby Buttons 2 Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.2 Remote for iPhone & Android
Chubby Buttons 2 Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.2 Remote for...
Chubby Buttons 2- Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.1 Remote for iPhone & Andr...
Chubby Buttons 2- Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.1 Remote for...


With the Chubby Buttons 2 remote, controlling your devices has never been easier. This compact and user-friendly remote offers a wide range of benefits that make it the perfect addition to your home entertainment system. Whether you're controlling your TV, soundbar, or gaming console, the Chubby Buttons 2 offers intuitive controls that are easy to use and navigate. Its large, tactile buttons are perfect for individuals with motor impairments or visual impairments, and the remote is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it an incredibly versatile tool. The Chubby Buttons 2 also boasts a long battery life, so you can use it for hours on end without worrying about running out of power. Overall, the Chubby Buttons 2 remote is a powerful and convenient tool that offers a host of benefits for anyone looking to simplify their home entertainment setup.



The Chubby Buttons 2 Remote is a highly versatile device that allows you to control a variety of gadgets with ease. Its compact and ergonomic design features large, easy-to-press buttons that are perfect for people with mobility issues, as well as those who prefer a more tactile feel. The remote is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, including televisions, speakers, and home automation systems, and can be programmed to control up to 9 different devices at once. It also boasts an impressive range of up to 100 feet, making it ideal for use in large living rooms or multi-room homes. The Chubby Buttons 2 Remote is simple to set up and use, with intuitive buttons that allow you to easily switch between different devices and functions. Its highly responsive touchpad makes it easy to navigate menus and adjust settings on the fly, while its long-lasting battery ensures that you won't have to worry about constantly recharging or replacing it. Overall, the Chubby Buttons 2 Remote is a great choice for anyone looking for a user-friendly, reliable remote that can handle all their entertainment needs.


Chubby Buttons 2
released on July 7, 2018


Chubby Buttons is the wearable remote you never knew you ...

Usually, the Chubby Buttons Device Controller costs $50, but you can get one on sale today for $40. Chubby Buttons Action Sports Device Controller — $39.99 See Details.

Keyboard/Button Mapper - Apps on Google Play

* Chubby Buttons 2. Let the dev know about any other buttons! You can combine multiple keys from a specific device or any device to form a "trigger". Each trigger can have multiple actions.

Chubby Buttons 2- Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.1 ...

Chubby Buttons 2- Wearable & Stickable Bluetooth 5.1 Remote Big Buttons for Gloves Water-Resistant ️ PRODUCT REVIEW:


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6 Reviews for Chubby Buttons 2

  1. Robo

    I don’t usually review products, but I decided to this time because no product of this type addressed my specific questions. Buying Chubby Buttons was a gamble that paid off.I’m using the product with an iPone XS Max running IOS 12.1.3 (and then upgraded to 12.1.4). My intended purpose was skip commercials while listening to podcasts in Apples podcast app while in the shower. Yes, I’m talking about skipping forward 30 seconds, and back 15 seconds within a podcast, not skipping to the next podcast (or track in music terms).First off, while doing research, I discovered that Apple provides a setting in the podcast app (Settings->Podcasts) to specify how external controls are to work. The options are Next/Previous or Skip Forward/Back. I switched the setting to Skip Forward/Back, and my car steering wheel controls began behaving the way I wanted. This gave me reason to believe that the Chubby Buttons would follow suit, and it did.I followed the directions, and the product paired instantly, and worked perfectly. I pealed the plastic film from the back, and stuck it to my shower wall (fiber glass with smooth finish). it’s solidly mounted, and not going anywhere. I’ve used it for several days with wet, and sometimes soapy fingers, and it gets reasonable splash spray (like a light rain). No problems at all so far. One press of any button wakes the product, and it pairs instantly (less than one second). Each subsequent button press gives instant results. No delay at all. They claim the product sleeps after 60 minutes of inactivity. I’ve gone as long as about 25 minutes and it hasn’t slept, so no need to constantly double press (once to wake/pair, and again to do what you intended) to accomplish a skip/pause/play. Other competing products would sleep after 5 minutes, and irritated many reviewers of those products. I would agree. I never have to wonder if it’s asleep and need to double press. I just press the buttons as needed, and it just works!Another thing to note. Other devices claim to connect as a HID device, and disable the on screen keyboard while paired. Essentially, while paired, you can’t send a text, navigate to a location, do a google search, or anything else requiring keyboard input. Not so with this product. All functionality of the phone works as normal (on screen keyboard included) while paired. And yes, for those wondering, I’m paired to multiple devices, including a bluetooth speaker while using the buttons. The product controls the phone functions. The fact that I’m outputting the sound to a bluetooth speaker, a wired headset, or air playing to a device is irrelevant.Excellent product, solid build, nicely implemented, very responsive, and no annoying or compromising sleep/keyboard issues. Well worth the cost, and I highly recommend it.

  2. Shaner

    This unit is dope. I was so tired of having to take off my glove, so I could grab the little dongle on my headphones to shut the music off when I get on the lift. Now, presto chango just push a button! I have only skied with it about six days, but it has been abused. If it is still working next season I’ll try to remember to write an update.

  3. jg

    At first i had to reboot my android phone after each use because i could text afterward but i reconfigured my soft keyboard and its not a problem anymore. Almost all bluetooth speakers dont have a skip option that actually works without having to touch your phone so a device of this awesome has become a must. Weither you are in the shower or outside with friends at a firepit, this device will allow you to skip the cheasy/crappy songs in your playlist without having to pull your phone/tablet and its awesome at it. The only draw back is the really high price. I almost went with the cheaper generic non waterproof 20$ device and stick them in a sealed bag but didnt want the headache. Battery isnt rechargeable so you will have to keep a stash of 2032.

  4. Etrigan

    I really wanted to come back here and complain about how these are not worth $50, they are just dbag hipsters that are gouging us because they thought of something first, i hate myself for giving them money, etc… I mean all that sounds reasonable after looking at the listing, right?Alas, I cannot do any of this. I f’ing love this thing… and only hate myself slightly as a result. It’s surprisingly well made. Do I feel like I’m wearing a piece of a Power Glove with soft, squishy, irritatingly perfect buttons? Yes, yes I do. Does this maybe make me look like a jackass when I wear it while working and have to wear gloves? Most likely, but I don’t care. Whether you are working, skiing, snowboarding, or whatever, taking your gloves off repeatedly to use your phone or touch controls on your bluetooth headphones sucks. It gets old incredibly fast and gloves that let you use touchscreens/touch controls are usually too thin to actually keep you warm. So this goofy thing serves a purpose and serves it well.Bottom line is, it vastly exceeded my expectations. It works like it should, maybe better. The buttons are easy and nice to push, yet somehow manage to not activate if you accidentally slam it into something. It’s well made and can definitely take a substantial hit, several of them in my case thus far. It is still more expensive than I feel a lot of people could justify, but I’m sold, you got me. Honestly, when I’m using it with a phone that cost me nearly $900 and anywhere from $150 to $300 worth of headphones, wtf is $50 for something that makes using them so much easier? Nothing, it’s nothing. If you are constantly wasting time trying to change songs, volume, etc while wearing gloves, or even not, just buy it.One thing I will say however, is make sure when you pair it for the first time that you aren’t connected to any other bluetooth device. I had my Sony WF-1000XM3s connected when I paired the Chubby Buttons, they paired fine but immediately dropped the connection and wouldn’t reconnect. Had to disconnect the Sonys, unpaired and paired the Chubby Buttons again, and I haven’t had an issue since.

  5. K Lee

    This works great velcroed to the handlebar on my motorcycle. Easy to use with gloves on due to the big buttons. Working great with a Pixel 2 XL and a Sena 20s EVO. Very happy with it so far.

  6. Peter Marsan

    I bought this primarily to use it while bike riding. I bought it in the fall, so I didn’t get a lot of chance to use it before winter came. It worked great though, no complaints.When spring came around, I tried it out again and it was having a lot of trouble reliably sending commands to my iPhone. A good portion of the time, it couldn’t send any commands at all. I checked the bluetooth settings, and it seemed like it was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting.I contacted support to ask them about my problem.I received an automated email saying “Yes, this is an automated response, but rest assured that one of us will be writing back to you in no more than 30 minutes from now”. I thought that sounded great, I didn’t expect a response so quick, but I’m not going to complain. I didn’t get a response within 30 minutes, it took 3 days. I would have been fine with a 3 day response time, but don’t promise a 30 minute response time if you can’t deliver it. Perhaps they should remove that from their automated email?Anyways, they sent me out a replacement Chubby Buttons. The replacement doesn’t work though. The LED light doesn’t function at all. The device still appears for pairing, but attempting to pair it fails on both my iPhone and my iPad.Extremely disappointing. I don’t want another replacement, as I’m pretty sure it won’t last long based on my experience with 2 different devices already.

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