The Mouse Glove is a, well, Glove That Doubles as a Mouse 1

The Mouse Glove is a, well, Glove That Doubles as a Mouse


Ah, the humble computer mouse. This little doodad has been at the forefront of computing convenience since, well, pretty much the birth of the personal computer. Contrary to what its name suggests, this movable trackpad is not a pest in any sort of the word, unless clogging up USB ports is considered pest-worthy to you. Hey, there are only so many of those ports to go around. In any event, as useful as the mouse has been, it is high time everyone’s favorite little cursor mover gets an upgrade. No, Bluetooth functionality and a new paintjobs do not count. It’s about time for this old school tool to get some new school wearable technology bluster.

On that note, we present to you the Glove Mouse. This glove, guess what, doubles as a mouse. Think of it as Nintendo’s old Power Glove only actually useful and not completely embarrassing. At its heart, the glove effortlessly converts gestures to on-screen motions, letting you do anything you’d with a mouse just with your lonely old hand. You can scroll, left or right click and hit enter. The creators say they are currently working on pinch zoom. We gotta have that pinch zoom. It’s 2013! Wait. My editors have just informed me that it is actually 2014. All the more reason for pinch zoom!

The inventors of Glove Mouse haven’t gotten this bad boy to market yet. As a matter of fact, they haven’t even secured final funding. As such, they’ve put their tech-heavy glove up on this little mom and pop crowdfunding website called Kickstarter. You may have heard of it. Preorder your own by kicking in fifty clams. That’s dollars and not actual clams.



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