Silent Call Deaf Assistance Silent Touch Watch 1

Silent Call Deaf Assistance Silent Touch Watch


For the hearing and vision impaired, the world can be very limiting. Silent Call tries to provide a level of freedom for these people. The Silent Touch provides visual and vibration for certain events. Events such as doorbell, phone, smoke alarm, fire alarm, burglar alarm trigger the watch to activate within a 300 foot range.
Silent Call Deaf Assistance Silent Touch Watch
This watch works with the Sidekick II system from Silent Call. Silent Call has wake up alarms and mattress vibrators to alert the owner. The vibration changes with the type of alert. The Silent Touch watch sells for $150.00 and the charger for $117.65. A kit that includes the watch, charger, and bed vibrator costs $289.00.

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Silent Call Communications provides the utmost in reliability and usability available in personal communications and life enhancing systems for the deaf and hearing impaired. – View Profile

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