Skullcandy Link Packs 1

Skullcandy Link Packs


Skullcandy is a hip company for the skate boarding youngsters and their backpacks are as hip as their customers. Skullcandy’s backpacks with Link technology are one of the coolest packs on the streets.

Skullcandy Link Packs

The latest model in their range is the Link Fashion Pack a compact day pack that features an expandable pocket opening for extra gear and skate carry straps. Audio and action bundled together in one tight package. Available in Khaki and Pink, this model is for the Fashionistas among the skating crowd.

What makes the LINK Packs from Skullcandy different from the rest of the backpack world? It is fully armed with a battery-powered amplifier that fires sound out of 60mm speakers embedded in the upper straps. These water-proof speakers along with the Microphone buried in the strap allow you to listen to music and take phone calls completely hands and headset free. A soft control panel is sewn into the mid-strap to control power, volume, and phone function.

Skullcandy Link Packs

The two models in Skullcandy’s range got a makeover in style and colors, the Link Hydro Pack, formally known as Camelbak and the Link Street Pack.

With the Link Hydro Pack, mountain bikers and hikers get both hydration and audio in this full feature 3-season pack.

With its expandable pocket open there is plenty of room for the biggest coats and gear.

Zip it down, and it’s a super stable, low-profile, breathable summer system. Two colors are available: Grey and Camo.

The Link Street Pack is the ‘bad boy gear’ according Skullcandy, skate down the streets and make yourself audible by blasting your cool tunes out of your packs shoulder strap. Just watch out you don’t run over anyone. There are three colors to match your outfit or taste; White, Black and Suede.

Skullcandy Link Packs

Main Type: Bags
Features: Water Hydration
Technologies: Audio

// Skullcandy Company Profile

Skullcandy is a privately held company based in Park City, Utah that designs and produces headphones, earbuds, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players and other audio enabled lifestyle products.[1] The company was founded in 2003. – View Profile

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