Glance Brings Smartwatch-like Functionality to Regular Watches 1

Glance Brings Smartwatch-like Functionality to Regular Watches


There are a lot of smartwatches coming down the consumer pike in the next several years(and beyond.) What about the people out there who don’t like to buy new things and yet still want all of the benefits that new things provide? Well, if we are talking about thieves I guess they can do what they usually do. If we are talking about cheapskates and techno-phobes then maybe, just maybe, the wearable technology industry will one day create something that caters to their misguided needs. Look no further than today, ladies and gentlemen. The industry has done just that, and done it with elegance and aplomb.

Introducing Glance, a attachable device that in effect turns your dumbwatch into a smartwatch. It’s like your watch gets to attend a weekend GRE seminar or one of those leadership courses. This adds the benefits of wearing a smartwatch while retaining the form factor of your pre-existing wristwatch. What does Glance bring to the table? A really nice OLED display, 3D motion sensing, Bluetooth to connect to the phone of your choice and of course a location device for said phone. It’ll help you read texts, find out who is calling you and even keep tabs on the special someones in your life, if you are into that sort of creepy stalking thing.

This peripheral isn’t out yet, however. The creators have taken to Kickstarter to finish funding and get this things into consumer’s hands wrists. You can preorder your very own Glance for around $60, which as stated above is significantly less than actually buying a brand new smartwatch. They should release later in the year.

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