Wearable Technologies Conference Coming to San Francisco in July


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Wearable technology. It’s the name of the game and the game is the name. Wait what? What I meant to say is that the wearable technology industry is growing in leaps and bounds and the future is quite literally limitless. As any dystopian science fiction novel worth their weight in cyber salt will tell you, it won’t be long before we are all “jacked in” to the “mainframe” via some sort of awesome eyeball device. So being as how this industry is poised to grow so quickly, where do we all go to discuss emerging trends and demo upcoming units? The video game industry has E3. Consumer electronics has CES. Sure a lot of wearable goods show up at CES but they have to compete with brand new laptops, tablets and the like.

Thankfully there is now a yearly conference on wearables, the Wearable Technologies Conference. It is held in San Francisco and, wouldn’t you know it, it is coming soon. How soon? It will be held July 8th and July 8th at Fort Mason in lovable San Francisco, California. What can you expect to see and do there? Organizers the Wearable Technologies Group have stated there will be plenty of interesting panels on the future and present of wearable tech(including one of the purveyors of Glass) and plenty of forthcoming gadgets for people to play with. It’s the one place you can get your hands on most interesting pieces of wearable tech months and years before they hit up store shelves.

You can register to go, however it will set you back a pretty penny to the tune of $890. If you have a wearable tech item of your own and are looking to get it to the people, you can register a booth for $4,000. The latter seems like a pretty good deal given the exposure you will likely get. We’ll report more on this conference in July.


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