Neumitra’s Bandu wristwatch lets you know if you are stressing out


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Stress, otherwise known as the silent killer, is an omnipresent addition to the modern life. We always have somewhere to go, somebody to talk to or something to email. It’s enough to make us tear our hair out and scream “Calgon! Take me away!” The thing about stress, though, is it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It may feel that way but it slowly and surely increases throughout your day until you end up having a panic attack in the dressing room at Target for seemingly no reason at all.  If only we had a warning before hand. A Boston-based tech company is prepping a wristwatch to give us just that.

Neumitra and their forthcoming Bandu wristwatch lets us know if our stress levels are getting too high, so we can act accordingly. The watch measures your autonomic nervous system by tracking your perspiration, respiration, and heart beats with the help of an affiliated mobile device. If things start getting hairy, it lets you know and then offers some suggestions as to what you can do about it. It even helps with said suggestions, offering up the ability to jam some mellow tunes, call up your loved ones or even just focus on your breathing for a while. It’s quite ingenious, really.

The inventors hope this watch will not only help everyday stress sufferers, but also those dealing with PTSD and other serious stress-based conditions. Neumitra has already developed the prototype and is currently raising funds to enter the next stage of production and development. There has been no word as to when the watch will enter storefronts so we can all get some much needed stress relief. In the meantime, hit up their Indiegogo page and throw them a few bucks.

Features: Health Monitoring
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