HUD Ski Goggles

HUD Ski Goggles


HUD Ski Goggles

Recon Instruments is planning to put a heads up display inside ski-goggles.  We’ve been waiting for eyewear display‘s for quite some time now.  It’s about time this long-time video game feature is finally going to make its way into real world products.  The system works by integrating a GPS-linked heads-up display system(HUD), and ski goggles.

Recon Instruments is reportedly developing the technology right now, and if they can stay on track, a heads-up-display set of goggles will be be on sale next fall between $350 to $450. The device will be able to tap into your cellphone via bluetooth, and if your phone has a GPS chip, you’ll be able to see where you’re at on a small map, and where your fellow snow pals are and where you’re headed. It’ll also provide all sorts of other vital information, such as hang time off of the rail jump, altitude gain / loss, a stopwatch and temperature.

These are sure going to be some amazing snow goggles. Check out the photos below taken from the Recon Instruments website and the introductory video for the HUD Ski Goggles:



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Recon Instruments is passionately leading the innovation of customized solutions for direct-to-eye communications. Their patent-pending technologies integrate Head Mounted Display Systems with state-of-the-art sensors, optics and GPS technology. They provide real-time access to live navigation, communication, and performance-based information. – View Profile

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