Spyder Groove Backpack 1

Spyder Groove Backpack


Spyder offers the sweet Groove Backpack with stealth NXT sound. This looker of a bag is powered by 3x AAA batteries. This will give the bag up to 7 hrs of beats. Connectivity is simple with a standard 3.5 mm jack.
Spyder Groove Backpack with NXT sound
Cavernous at 25L of volume, at a sticker price of $119.95, this is a compelling buy. But at a rumored $69.00 it is a steal. Go ahead, go get one.

Main Type: Bags
Technologies: Audio

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Spyder makes ski clothing. Their vision remains focused on performance, fashion, and function. Their passion for their product is matched by their love for sport. They dedicate their past and future to creating the ultimate performance experience for you the athlete. – View Profile

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