Textronics Brings ECG Technology to NuMetrex 1

Textronics Brings ECG Technology to NuMetrex


Smart textile innovator Textronics Inc. has been awarded a breakthrough patent. Know for its NuMetrex line of fitness apparel, Textronics has found a way to integrate ECG monitoring into fabric.
Textronics ECG Sensor
These textile base electrodes are able to record electrical body data and is now approved by the patent office and the FDA. This is a huge step in biofeedback tech. This new tech is been established as highly accurate as well. Say good bye to bulky sensors!
Textronics NuMetrex ECG Sensor Fitness

Main Type: Sports
Features: Health Monitoring

// Textronics Company Profile

USA. Textile innovation company, focused on the development of energy activated warming, illuminating, conducting, and sensing textile materials and systems. – View Profile

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