Solar Power: Day or Night 1

Solar Power: Day or Night


Partners Microcontinuum Inc. , Idaho National Laboratory, and Patrick Pinhero have found a way to capture solar power during the day or night.
Day and Night Solar Cell
This uber cheap solutions can be imprinted on flexible material and cost merely pennies a yard. Using nano-antenna arrays, infrared radiation both during the sun shining down on us and while the earth radiates the infrared energy back out after sun down.

Currently solid solar panels create only 40% of its collection into useable energy. Flexible solar cells are far less effiencent. This concept is targeted at 80%. Hello Future.

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// Microcontinuum Company Profile

MicroContinuum is a technology development company whose mission is to devise, develop, and commercialize products that exploit its unique and proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing processes. – View Profile

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