The G-Tech Sophisticase Bag 1

The G-Tech Sophisticase Bag


Another smart product from G-Tech: the Sophisticase Computer Briefcase.


This model has as seen already in other G-Tech products, the NXT flat panel speaker technology integrated into the bag, invisible.

As we said on the computer Sleeve, a very desirable ‘must have’ for the powerful multimedia presenter on the road, away from the fully equipped multimedia meeting rooms in your office.

We like the G-Tech model more than the Marks & Spencer model. The Sophisticase is more sporty, more dynamic and looks like to have more space for all the other stuff like your iPod or MP3 player of choice that you can hook up to the bag as well as your notebook computer.

Some of the bags features: a detachable computer sleeve in the middle compartment, triple accordion file in the back compartment, dual zip pockets at top back corners for phone and notes, organizer pockets inside the speaker compartment and back compartment for all business accessories, a strap loop in the back for luggage pull-up handle, soft-gripped handle and detachable shoulder strap. That means you have your complete mobile office in this bag. And don’t forget: the Speaker requires 3 AA batteries.

We can not repeat it often enough: if you have to give presentations by your clients and don’t want to rely on the audio equipment available there, this is a sure way to have set up everything on your side and get the additional bonus of being high-end and high-tech.

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G-Tech is a progressive wearable tech company based in Chino, California. They develop backpacks which incorporate iPod controls with built in speakers and solar cells. – View Profile

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