Powerbag and Ful team up for a messenger bag that charges your devices 1

Powerbag and Ful team up for a messenger bag that charges your devices


Living in the big city, as some of us do, we know we usually need a bag on us to carry some of life’s essential thingamajigs. This may include books, keys, snacks and the like but more often it includes gadgets. It’s 2012(almost 2013) and we bring tablets, smartphones and other tech-heavy gadgets everywhere we go. We have so many on us at any given time, however, that it can be difficult to keep track of which one we charged last and when. Nothing is more of a bummer than relaxing on the train, all set to play some Angry Birds, then realizing you forgot to charge your phone. Well, come on people, the future is now. Did you not think there was a solution to this problem?

Powerbag, who have been in this game for a while, have teamed up with young upstart fÅ«l to bring us a messenger bag that keeps all of our many devices charged and primed to go. All you have to do is slip your gadgets in the bag, attach them to the charger, and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone quicker than, um, something that kills birds and does other stuff fast. It works with all iOS devices, Android devices and even stuff like Kindles, NOOKs and anything else that is charged with a USB cable. Also, you may notice this bag is stylish and perfectly suited for city life. Not that you couldn’t make use of it were you to live in the country. Bags are bags, it is often said.

These messenger bags are available now for $140, with extra batteries clocking in at $40. Hey, better have a back up battery for your back up battery. It is the future, after all. Check a video and more images below.

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Powerbag is a bag company that creates bags that not only carry your things, but can also charge them if they need it. – View Profile

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