Voltaic Generator Solar briefcase 1

Voltaic Generator Solar briefcase


About 9 months ago, Voltaic announced that they would be creating a solar bag that would be able to generate enough juice to power a notebook.  It seems like this ambitious project might be coming to fruition.

Voltaic Generator Solar briefcase 2

The lofty ambitions of Voltaic would make this the most powerful solar bag on the market.  A tall 17w of power generation comes from cutting edge solar cells that are super efficient.  So far the Voltaic shop says coming soon but the MoMA store shows it for $598 and available August 30th!

We sit impatiently to see if this bag can deliver on the promise it made.  If in fact it does perform as advertised, this would be a huge step in solar tech.  We are rooting for you Voltaic!

SubType: Green
Features: Solar
Tags: Solar Fashion

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Voltaic makes solar bags that charge virtually all handheld electronics. Their Generator product charges laptops. – View Profile

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