Voltaic Systems Generator Laptop Bag 1

Voltaic Systems Generator Laptop Bag


Voltaic Generator Laptop bag has been anticipated as one of the first solar bags that has enough charging power to sustain a laptop. The bag is made from PET aka recycled soda bottles, and contains a power storage cell. The bag comes with the standard adapters for most hand held devices. This particular bag also has common laptop adapters too as well as USB. The LED display on the handle give you a status overview and also helps you understand what position the bag collects the most solar.
Voltaic Systems Generator Laptop Bag
The Generator is measuring 17″x12″x3.5″ fitting an 17″ laptop next to your other daily, digital lifestyle devices. So far we have seen it for $599.00, ouch.

Main Type: Bags
Features: Solar

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Voltaic makes solar bags that charge virtually all handheld electronics. Their Generator product charges laptops. – View Profile

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