Republic Crafted iPod Jacket 1

Republic Crafted iPod Jacket


UK retailer Republic has released its Crafted iPod Jacket. This bomber jacket is made of metallic yarn and has a crushed look. Sleeve mounted controls and iPod pocket are integrated nicely. The softswitch technology is from Fibretronic and utilizes their CONNECTED-wear module.

Republic Crafted iPod Jacket

The jacket is washable and all vital electronics are removable. Sadly only available in the UK for $109.40.

// Republic Company Profile

In 1986 Republic started life as a mens denim only retailer, trading from a single store in Leeds. Today the brand is a true success story, considered as one of the pre-eminent British multi-branded retailers, with an impressive 97 UK stores and a highly successful e-commerce site. RENAMED TO USC FASHION – View Profile

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