Fibretronic FTXS Soft Keypad 1

Fibretronic FTXS Soft Keypad


Fibretronic has released a new series of controls. The FTXS series is a soft control keypad that is able to be integrated into textiles. The super soft keypad is targeted for mobile devices.
Fibretronic FTXS Soft Keypad
This is designed to work directly with Fibretronics CONNECTED-wear modules for iPod, iPhone and MP3. These Fibretronic products are found in many smart textiles sold.

// Fibretronic Company Profile

Fibretronic is an innovation company focusing on the development and manufacture of soft electronic component solutions. Using proprietary technologies for embedding micro-components into flexible substrates, they can create highly functional materials for application in soft or textile products. – View Profile

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