Noon Solar Oakley Tote 1

Noon Solar Oakley Tote


Noon Solar is back with the Oakley Tote.  These eco-fashion bags are getting more and more international popularity.  Not only is this a solar bag, it is made with nature in mind.  The naturally dyed chrome free leather complements the bags green charging ability.

This bag has a lithium-ion pack, solar cell, wall charger, iPod connector, and USB phone tips. Noon Solar Oakley Tote

The 16 inch by 14 inch by 6 inch Oakley ranges from $378.00 to $390.00.

Main Type: Bags
Features: Solar
Tags: Solar Fashion, Textiles

// Noon Solar Company Profile

Noon Solar was founded by Jane Palmer and Marianne Fairbanks. The company began as an art project in early spring 2002. Together they came up with a solution to give people not only personal power, but to integrate renewable solar power into daily life. – View Profile

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