Noon Solar Launches New eco chic solar bags 1

Noon Solar Launches New eco chic solar bags


Noon Solar Bags

Noon Solar, a company we covered here, has lifted the curtain and launched their new solar bag collection.

I can only say: beautiful, stylish looking bags that have the meaningful use of our scared resources as their main objective.

The new Solar Bag collection from Noon Solar is the proof that fashion goes very well with technology.

This gorgeous looking bags have been designed with the end in mind: carefully chosen materials for their sustainability, longevity, and beauty combined with the use of natural pigments and by hand-dyeing the fabrics in house gives Noon Solar’s bags the variations which makes each bag a one-of-a-kind.

The Autumn collection comprises two chic tote for women, the Cortland tote which comes in Black or Chocolate and cost $ 383.-

Noon Solar Cortland

My style favorite is the Willow tote in Steel (below right) but it is also available in Chocolate for just $ 274.-

Noon Solar Willow

Noon Solar has a satchel for the boys as well, the Logan which comes in Black as well as in Chocolate, available for $ 412.-

Noon Solar Logan

All three models are made of Bavarian, chrome-free, vegetable tanned and dyed, full-grain cowhide leather, hand shibori dyed hemp/cotton fabric with natural pigments and naturally dyed hemp cotton lining.

The two-sided design of all three bags allows the solar panel to face the sun or your body but in any orientation, the bags look always as being on the ‘right’ side. A nice design twist which shows great care for details.

Noon Solar BatteryAnd the technology? Of course there is technology involved, a large solar panel that gives 7.2V and 300mAh which is able to handle many hand held devices. The power from the solar panel is stored in a power pack with a 3600mAh Li-ion battery that will charge your iPod or cell-phone with ease.

The solar panel needs sun for 6-8 hours to fully load this power pack but once full, you can top off your iPhone, iPod, and whatever else you have. During less sunny times you will still collect power, just a bit slower.

A very useful feature is the load indicator of the power pack which makes it easy to see how much power you have left or how much longer you should stay in the sun, or at least your bag.

Noon Solar bags allow you to incorporate renewable energy in your daily lifestyle. You can literally walk the talk in a very fashionable way.

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// Noon Solar Company Profile

Noon Solar was founded by Jane Palmer and Marianne Fairbanks. The company began as an art project in early spring 2002. Together they came up with a solution to give people not only personal power, but to integrate renewable solar power into daily life. – View Profile

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