Magical Deformable Purse

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  1. Birdsongnotbigbird

    I bought it to give as a gift. I was hesitant at first because sometimes purchases like this are a gamble but this bag is awesome! It’s not difficult to figure out how to change the shape. After a few minutes of looking and playing around I was able to make everyone shape except the triangle. I haven’t attempted that one yet as I don’t think it would provide enough room for much. The color is black and shifts to purple, blue, yellow in normal lighting. You have to use flash on a camera to see the bright, vibrant colors. It’s a cool effect for photos but don’t expect to see those colors often unless your doing a photoshoot. The bag fills very sturdy and is quite thick. The straps could be better. They arrived bent and creased from being folded. You can have the straps long if you stretch them out or you can keep them short by folding the straps. Right now the straps have a permanent crease from being folded and I’m not sure how to fix it. I think the straps would have been better with either an adjustable strap/straps or just using smaller versions of the “U” shaped handbag straps.

  2. MikaraB

    The main purse is awesome. Seems like it will hold up well, has gorgeous fun colors, and the options for shape are entertaining.The purse straps are disappointing so I removed them and am using a different strap. It’s easy to clip on new strap(s). The zipper could be nicer, but I see why it has too how it is. It would be nice to have a diagram of options for changing form of the purse, but playing around with it works. Be aware that accessing the contents is not convenient in some configurations.Overall, I would not only purchase for myself again, but am considering which young at heart people in my life might like it as a gift.

  3. Cheryl Profetto Bagby

    Wish it was a Lil less flimsy… Like if the blocks where made of less flexible material and we’re stiffer. / Held shape better.Other than that, love it!! Get lots of compliments!

  4. Rachel

    This looks nothing like it’s pictures and is so much better. It’s a brown iridescent with less purple than they show. It’s really pretty. It’s for a grandkid’s Xmas so I’ve left it all wrapped in the packaging like It’s so pretty I’m afraid I’ll hurt it.

  5. Ashley Heliker

    I wasn’t sure about getting this purse for a few weeks. I thought how often is someone going to take a flash picture of me while holding it. The color changes in all kinds of different lighting. Everytime I look at it, it’s a different color.I haven’t changed the shape too much (I like the bucket style), but it’s easy to figure out.

  6. Cheryl Profetto Bagby

    I love this purse. The way the colors change in the light. The adjustable configurations. How roomy it is. So naturally I was devastated when one of the pieces that hold the strap popped off. I have only used the purse a few times and want to try to keep using it, but it is very disappointing that it broke so soon.

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Magical Deformable Purse

Magical Deformable Purse offers ample storage, convenience, and customization.

Magical purse expands, compresses, and transmutes for personalization. Perfect for travel or daily use.

- Spacious
- Versatile
- Durable


- Expensive
- Heavy
- Limited color options



in stock


Introducing the Geometric Purse for Women, the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. This stunning purse is a must-have for individuals who want to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to their wardrobe.

Crafted with high-quality materials, this crossbody purse features a skin-like fabric that is waterproof and feels incredibly soft to the touch. Whether you’re running errands, heading to work, or traveling, this purse is the perfect companion for any activity.

The Geometric Purse for Women is not only practical but also fashionable. It features a sturdy leather handle, a detachable shoulder strap, and a top-zipper closure with durable gun-black hardware. However, what sets this purse apart is its magical ability to change colors when exposed to the flash on your phone, creating a mesmerizing holographic effect that is sure to turn heads.



  • Innovative accessory
  • Multifunctional bag
  • Expands or compresses based on needs
  • High-quality synthetic materials
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Adjustable size and shape on-the-go
  • Perfect for travel or daily use
  • Magical properties for personalization
  • Transmutes into different shapes, colors, and sizes
  • Edgy and daring or practical and versatile
  • Great investment delivering results
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    Department: Womens
    Discontinued: No
    Magical Deformable Purse
    released on May 30, 2019

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    The Magical Deformable Purse is an innovative accessory designed to transform the way you carry your belongings. It is a multifunctional bag that defies the conventional rules of storage and allows you to expand or compress it based on your needs. Constructed from high-quality synthetic materials, the Purse is engineered to last and withstand the rigors of regular use. It features a spacious main compartment that can accommodate a wide variety of items, including smartphones, cosmetics, wallets, and documents, among others. Furthermore, the Purse comes equipped with a series of zippers and straps that allow you to adjust its size and shape on-the-go, making it perfect for travel or daily use. What's more, the Purse is also imbued with magical properties that enhance its utility and appeal. Depending on your needs, the Purse can transmute into different shapes, colors, and sizes, providing you with endless possibilities for personalizing and customizing your look. Whether you're looking for an edgy and daring accessory or a practical and versatile storage solution, the Magical Deformable Purse is a great investment that delivers results.

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