BS-Glow Miloni Glow Sneakers 1

BS-Glow Miloni Glow Sneakers


Brooklyn designer BS-Glow has created the Miloni street sneaker.  The shoe features and illuminated mid sole.  The glow of light makes you feel like you are walking on a glow of light.

BS-Glow Miloni Glow Sneakers

There are two modes of illumination.  Steady on or blinking depending on your mood.  Each shoe has a AAA battery in it to provide the juice.  BS-Glow take the Miloni which is a rapper favorite since 2006 and electrifies it.

For $340.00+ you can have your own.

// BS Glow Company Profile

Based in Brooklyn, NY, BS Glow has developed the Miloni Glow street sneakers. – View Profile

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