Illuminated City Pillows 1

Illuminated City Pillows


City Pillows created by Florence Bost, use LEDs and EL-wires to blend in with colorful designs to make these unique pillows. Florence’s inspiration comes from textile materials, colors and the possibilities todays technologies offer allowing her to create the effects she wants to achieve. According to Florence, the ‘invisible’ use of technology is the ‘real’ use of it, seeing the effect but not the technology itself.
Illuminated City Pillows
Florence Bost, founder of Sable Chaud, has acquired a unique expertise in the integration of new technologies. With a formal industrial design education and 15 years of creative research, she has acquired a multidisciplinary vision and solid design experience that puts her work on the cutting edge of soft technology innovation.

Main Type: Home
SubType: Sleep
Technologies: LED, Light Emmiting Fabric

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