Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots Will Up Your Slope Game 1

Nike LunarENDOR QS Snowboard Boots Will Up Your Slope Game



Snowboarding is awesome. It’s like surfing on a mountain instead of the sea. It’s like skateboarding on a, uh, mountain instead of the street. It’s like, well, you get the point. The art of snowboarding has grown from a humble little niche sport to a full fledged mania. With great success comes great tech, and the snowboarding world has certainly embraced it with open arms. There are all kinds of doodads out there in snow-land that keep track of your time on the slopes, prevent you from getting lost and all kinds of other neat things. Today we have yet another snowboarding gadget, tbis time from Nike and this time that fits snugly around your everloving piggies.

Introducing Nike’s brand new LunarENDOR QS Snowboard boots. What’s the big deal? Well, for one, these boots come embossed with an extremely bright LED screen that makes the Nike swoosh as loud as you’d ever want it to be. In short, you’ll be the flashiest dude on your particular slope and, as we all know, the flashiest person is always the most respected and talented. There are some real world uses as well. The light makes night boarding easier than ever and ensures nobody will run into you. However, bears and trees probably don’t care too much about LED lights.


These boardin’ boots will be available in the middle of December so reserve a pair now. In the meantime, here is a handy and dandy video to show them off in all of your loud, lit up glory.

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