Razer Electra headphones pump out bass and keep your voice inline 1

Razer Electra headphones pump out bass and keep your voice inline



Are you a gamer looking for a pair of reliable headphones to amp up your gaming experience? Oh yeah, are you also poor? The economy is rough, after all. Razer has got you covered. Their new Electra line of headphones are heavy on features and light on cost. Oh if only the rest of the world were like that.

These headphones sport a 40mm driver in each earcup tuned to pump out lows, along with leatherette earpads to help keep things comfortable while aiding in passive noise isolation. This adds up to some great gaming without annoying your roommates.

The best part? They are only $60. Equatable gaming headphones are usually two or three times that much. Now you can have your digital cake and digitally eat it too.

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Razer is a gaming technology company that was founded in San Diego, California, and is best known for their gaming computers, mice and keyboards. Razer is known in wearable technology for their headsets. – View Profile

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