Audex iPod Bags and Backpacks from Burton 1

Audex iPod Bags and Backpacks from Burton


After covering a lot of Jackets, we are now into the Bag and Backpack section of our virtual Wearable Electronic store.

The first company that launched a backpack with Wearable Electronic technology integrated was Burton. This was in the year 2003. Since then, Burton has massively extended their range by teaming up with Motorola to create the Audex range.

Today, we have a look to Burton’s Audex Bag and Backpack offerings.


On the upper end of the range is the ultimate on-snow stereo system, the Audex iPod AK 28L Pack.

Some of the features:

  • Integrated Audex iPod Control System on Shoulder Strap with Removable Radio Frequency Control Pad (100 ft. range)
  • Double-Cush, Ergonomic Shoulder Harness
  • The NEW X-Lock Vertical Board Carry
  • Secure iPod Storage Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap Headphone Port

With this ultimate backpack, your are fit for the toughest and roughest adventures in the great outdoors.

The Audex iPod AK 28L Pack comes in three colors, cost $ 179.95 and can be ordered via this online store.


Another outstanding backpack from Burton is the Feedback Pack that allows you to bring along your tunes for a ride during skating or snow boarding.

Some of the features:

  • Cush Ergonomic Shoulder Harness
  • Laptop Compartment (Fits 15 in. Laptop)
  • Hideaway Beverage Stashâ„¢
  • The NEW Premium Weather-Resistant Stereo Speaker, Amp and Auxiliary Input

The Feedback Pack lets you connect any audio player and turn on the sound full blast while racing down the hill or the road.

The Feedback Pack is available in 6 colors/finishings and costs $ 99.99 for example on this online store.

The next model in Burton’s Audex range is the Audex iPod Pack, the slyest mobile entertainment center around – according Burton’s Website.

The iPod Pack has:

  • Integrated Audex iPod®Control Systemipodpack.jpg on Shoulder Strap with Removable Radio Frequency Control Pad (100 ft. Range)
  • Easy-Access Side-Entry Laptop Co mpartment (Fits 15 in. Laptop)
  • Molded iPod Storage Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap Headphone Cable Port

This bag takes all your gear onboard with ease and protects your iPod safely in its cushioned iPod compartment inside the bag.

The Audex iPod Pack comes in five different colors and costs $ 159.- on this online store.

And now something for the cool looking and stylish girls. Stealth tech for all of you who rock to the beat on the run: the Audex iPod Tote.

 ipod_tote.jpgThis chic looking Tote has:

  • Integrated Audex iPod Control System with Removable Radio Frequency Control Pad (100 ft. range) on Shoulder Strap
  • Molded iPod Storage Pocket
  • Shoulder Strap Headphone Port

And all this in a very nice and stylish looking Bag.

No worry anymore to dig deep into your bag to get to your iPod and adjust the volume of change the song. You have full control over your iPod from the outside of your bag.

The Audex iPod Tote is available in 4 colors/finishing like True Black / Wrigley Blue (in the photo) / Equestrian Antique Ivory / Fair Isle Bright White. It is on sale now for $ 111.59

With this chic Bag we close our review of Burton’s Bag and Backpack range. Burton has a large variety on Wearable Electronic technology based bags and backpacks in their program, please visit Burton’s Audex site for more styles to select from.

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// Burton Company Profile

Burton is a well known manufacturer of snowboards. Founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977, the company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, and accessories. Bubble Gear specializes in high quality high tech handbags. Custom made in Rome, Italy, Bubble Gear merges premium leathers, luxurious furs, and superior hardware... – View Profile

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