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Zegna Sport iJacket


Zenga Sport iJacketZegna has more than the Leather iJacket in their Wearable Electronic Fashion collection. Looking a bit around in their online store, I found another item in Zegna’s Signature Looks section, the new iJacket.

The design and functionality is distinctive in the new iJacket where sporting and technology are fused together.

The iJacket is made of a special micro-nylon technical fabric with a brushed fabric finish for a smooth exterior to achieve a natural feel, pleasant to the touch.

Heat-welded ribbons on seams make the iJacket fully windproof and waterproof. Other features are a convertible collar that holds a detachable hood and has a loop for headphone cable management.

The invisible laser cut pockets with waterproof zips and underarm vents are as technically effective as they are discreet like everything about the iJacket.

The fabric iPod control in the sleeve comes from Eleksen and the functionality is like on the Leader iJacket with skip songs, adjusting volume or power on/off/pause the iPod. Any 30-pin dock connector iPod will work fine with the iJacket.

The iJacket is available at Zenga’s online store in Burgundy and costs $ 845.-

A wealth of concealed sophisticated details under its beautifully simple exterior makes the iJacket one of the most sophisticated Wearable Electronic products on the planet.

Features: Rugged
Tags: iPod Fashion

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Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a leading multinational in men’s luxury clothing and one of the oldest business families in Italy. – View Profile

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