WiFi Detecting T-Shirt 1

WiFi Detecting T-Shirt


Wifi Detecting T-ShirtWiFi Detecting T-Shirt’s keep getting more stylish.  The last introduction of Thinkgeek’s Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt was already a great looking T-Shirt, it’s a bit geeky to wear but hey – life should be fun as well.

In case you want to have the convenient WiFi sniffing without reaching for your laptop, you have the option and go for one of those WiFi detecting bags we recently posted about.

The Wi-Fi Detecting T-Shirt searches for wireless signals in the 802.11b or 802.11g range and shows their signal strength in a Macbook stylized laptop image on the front of the T-Shirt.

The WiFi Detecting T-Shirt will be available for just £20.- ($39.-) from the end of January by firebox.com

Main Type: Smart Clothes
Features: WiFi Detection
Technologies: Display

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