This Watch Features Over 720 Clock-Face Images


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Can wearable technology also double as art? That’s a question that has plagued the industry since, well, about a year or so ago(we are a rather new industry so give us a break.) So far most wearables that come down the pike place function squarely ahead of form. Even Google’s venerable Glass device are, how can I put this nicely, dorky as hell. So it pleases me greatly to present to you a watch that highly prizes form. As a matter of fact, even its function is all about being able to bring more form into play. Just how much form? Well, 720 give or take.

The 720 watch has a name that accurately describes its hook. This watch boasts 720 clock-faces which appear at a rate of one a minute. There are 720 minutes in a twelve hours, thus there are 720 clock-faces on this watch. Each and every minute is a brand new work of art for you to gawk at. Waiting in line is going to be like a trip to the art museum instead of a hellish descent into the inner sanctum of the DMV. How does it possess so many dang watch-faces? Well, the watch comes with a fairly beautiful LCD screen that houses said faces.

This watch isn’t out yet but you can preorder your very own at, you’ll never guess, Kickstarter. You know what though? This watch is cheap! You can preorder one now for $45 which is, well, only around 20 slices pizza. This seems like an absolutely outstanding deal to me, but then again what do I know. I’m only the most pre-eminent technology writer that exists(inside my house at this moment.)



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