VAUDE Argon Hybrid Performance System 1

VAUDE Argon Hybrid Performance System


Vaude Energlo Jacket
Mountain sports have gotten safer and more comfortable thanks to Vaude and their Argon Hybrid Performance System. They have implemented a breathable, glow-in-the-dark fabric known as Energlo.

The solar charging jacket collects energy from light and can last up to 180 minutes once it gets dark. Integrated with this material are other florecenct fibers to provide additional safety. This break-thru material stands up to the outdoor conditions and also survives washing.

Cool tech like this is highlighted at ISPO. This is a very practical use of Energlo.

Main Type: Clothing
SubType: Safety
Technologies: Light Emmiting Fabric

// VAUDE Company Profile

VAUDE is a German mountain sports supplier that ranks among Europe’s leading mountain sports brands. VAUDE products are sold throughout the world. – View Profile

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