Blazewear Deluxe Heated Gloves 1

Blazewear Deluxe Heated Gloves


Blazewear Heated Gloves
Winter can be brutal. Decent gloves can be merely suitable. We all want to be warm in the winter, so let’s talk about heated gloves. You may remember the Zanier heated gloves. Those bad boys cost a steep $500.
Enter Blazewear. These waterproof, windproof, rechargeable gloves are a simple solution to frosty finger tips. The carbon polyester heating element can reach a temp of 60 deg, and last past the three hour mark. The 3x AA rechargeable batteries are the power source and help keep these gloves affordable at a mere $49.59. So you can get these gloves at the same price as a decent pair of ski gloves. Stay warm and look for new models for the upcoming season.

Main Type: Accessories
SubType: Heated Clothes
Features: Heating

// Blazewear Company Profile

Blazewear has been created to offer customers the very latest in functional clothing technology and to provide warmth, comfort, and a whole range of health benefits provided by heat treatment and Far Infrared Rays. Their exciting range of technologically advanced garments, have been designed for all forms of winter activity to help people enjoy work... – View Profile

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  • If you suffer from Raynaurds syndrome as I do, don’t bother with these gloves.
    First thing is they only heat the fingers and not the thumb.
    Second thing is they heat the back of the fingers and not the fleshy part underneath which is were you want the heat if you suffer from Renaurds.
    Third, when I use the word “heat” I use it loosely, they only work with batteries in absolute peak condition, if the batteries are only slightly down you wont feel the heat, and with rechargeable batteries they are worse still.
    So dont waste £35 as I did

  • Utter Rubbish – a waste of money.
    Bought a pair, suffer from cold hands all the time while skiing.
    Not once have I felt any heat or benefit from these gloves even when new in peak condition.
    I f you suffer from poor circulation or continual cold hands I recommend a pair of silk linner gloves inside a pair of mittens. it is the only sollution I have found that in any way helps.


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