Luminex Sparkling Mini-Top 1

Luminex Sparkling Mini-Top


luminex_top.jpgAdd some sparkle to your life with this Luminex Mini-Top. We posted already earlier about the Luminex technology, the exiting way this Italian company is bringing active colors in our lives.

I find this Mini-Top very cute and it will be for sure the highlight of every evening or party in the coming holiday season.

The Mini-Top is available in two colors, white and black. It can be ordered online on Luminex’s online store for 175.- Euro but be aware that you have to order the battery pack for 18.- Euro as well as the battery charger for another 14.- Euro. That makes it together 207.- Euro. Not one of the cheapest Top but definitely a very enlightening Top.

Main Type: Clothing
Technologies: Display

// Luminex Company Profile

Luminex is an Italian based company that develops, manufactures and markets unique light emitting fabric which has as its light element fiber optics woven into conventional textiles. – View Profile

Luminex News

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  • Hisham Qureshi
    August 9, 2009 2:45 am

    Dear Sir,

    We are looking to buy your Luminous clothing. We have seen the samples before and we like it.

    Now my question is what will be the price for a cloth let us say 1 meter in height and
    1 meter in width in different colours e.g., Blue, Red, White and green.

    Secondly if we are to order bulk of different clothing how much will be the charge for
    the air freight. Per kilogram.

    Thirdly how long it will take to manufacture 100 pieces of Luminous clothing of different

    And also when can we be able to recieve these clothing if we use express freight.

    We are looking to do the future business with you, so your prompt response will be highly


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