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LumiGram LumiTops


LumiTop Matrix BlueLumiGram has recently designed a collection of illuminated, sexy tops that promise your nights will never look the same ….

LumiGram uses Italian’s Luminex unique light emitting fabric which has as its light element fiber optics woven into conventional textiles. More info on Luminex here.

Unlike light sources such as LEDs or EL technology, the light coming from Luminex fabric is ’subtle and mysterious’ with a touch of magic, creating a mystic atmosphere, at least that’s what I can imagine it will look like in action.

The collection is called ‘LumiTops‘ and will be a ‘must have’ outfit for for Clubbing, Parties or to show off the latest innovation in fashion meets technology. They look sexy, stunning, just beautiful.

LumiGram Top GreenSure, this fabric does not allow to show images or even change the once selected color but you get real magic into your clothing with this stuff.

The power for the magic comes from 3 AA batteries hidden in the belt. The light fabric does not heat up, can be hand washed with water up to 70 degree Celsius with natural soap.

Here are some Custom LumiTops that look really cool.

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LumiGram’s concept is based on the association of light and technology for style, using the latest luminous technologies for creating and offering stunning fashion, clothing, decoration and luxury articles. – View Profile

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